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Our Wedding Day (5-15-99)


  • These pictures are 10 years old
  • When we got married, photographers did not use digital cameras (nor had I ever heard of a digital camera)
  • I was too tired to go to the church to use Dan's scanner so I took pictures of pictures (so not very good quality)
  • We used to be skinny
  • We used to have more hair
  • We used to have a tan (like, a serious TAN!)
  • We used to be skinny (I know I said that already but I feel like some of you might dwell on that so I did too!)
When we were engaged on September 3, 1998, we set a wedding date of August 28, 1999. We immediately started making plans and had everything set. Then, in January of 1999, Dan & I drove to Starkville to hear Louie Giglio speak at the MSU campus revival. Without going in to the whole long story, God spoke directly to us through the mouth of Louie. We were walking past him and he turned from the people he was talking to and had a conversation with us that changed the course of our lives. We know it was directly from God because he had no reason to turn from his conversation and speak to us, but what he said was for us. (Maybe I'll post that whole story another time, if anyone is interested!)

The next night, Dan called me and said he needed to come see me because we needed to talk. I knew exactly what he was going to say before he arrived. He got to my house and we sat on the couch in my living room and seriously altered our plans. Dan was going to resign his position at Harmony so we could move to Fort Worth to do Seminary full-time. WHOA! AND, since school started in August, we needed to get married sooner. So, we moved the wedding from August to May and got busy doing some serious planning.

We could not have chosen a more beautiful, perfect day! I woke up that morning and spent some time with my family who was all there. I remember sitting around the table at my grandmother's talking to my mom's first cousin, Janet and her mom, Aunt Bea. Then, I left with my Maid of Honor, Hope and my BFF from Summer Missions in 1999, Shelly (She came all the way from Texas to be with me!!) to get my hair done.

There was never a moment in that day that was stressful to me. I had so much fun being with the people I loved and could not wait until 4:00 p.m. when the wedding started. We made the decision to see each other ahead of time and then do pictures before the wedding. I'm so glad we did that because the stress/nervousness of seeing each other was behind us and we just enjoyed our day.

We got married at Southside Baptist Church in Jackson, MS. That is the church I was saved and baptized in but neither of us were members. My grandmother has been involved there for all of her life in Jackson. The church has beautiful primary color stained glass. And, the carpet was red, like BRIGHT red! So, I had to find dresses for my bridesmaids that would work in that room. The only thing I didn't plan perfectly was making sure the stained glass behind us in the baptistery was turned on. So, all of our indoor pictures together and all of the groomsmen pictures are blah! You'll notice the difference when you see other pictures taken inside!
This was the last picture of my family before Dan was added. And, if I had to guess, it might be one of the last ones of all us together with no one else or without a dog in it! My brother had recently broken his neck and had major surgery so he was a little uncomfortable the whole day.
To this day, I am still so happy about the women who stood next to me that day. They were and still are my best friends on this planet. Shelly, my friend from Texas was also supposed to be a bridesmaid but she did not know until the last minute if she could be there or not. So, she just helped me with every other detail of the day! I love, love, love these girls and thank God for what they meant to me on that day and still today!
My dad was an absolute scream that day! He did everything in his power to stress me out (really, just trying to make me laugh!) I remember standing there right before we walked down the aisle. He looked through the window and saw the PACKED church. He said "I'll be right back. I'm going to see if someone will pass an offering plate so I can get some help paying for this!!" And, if you knew my daddy at all, he SO would have done that!!! He acted all cool and smooth on that day but he loved every minute of it. He loved the fact that the church was full and so many people came to share our day. Our flower girl was Taylor Mraz and our ring bearer was Luke Allred. I still think they should be little kids but they grew up and have exciting lives that I follow on Facebook. I'm glad they were both part of our special day.

Dan was the first of his mom's kids to get married so this is probably one last pictures of just the three of them two. Darla married Chris a couple of years after our wedding and then Doug married Allison in 2001. It is weird to look back and remember what life was like before all of our kiddos entered the picture. On this day, we were all still kids and could not dream of the lives we have now.

Notice the blacked out stained glass up there? Yeah, that is seriously my only regret from that day! And, just so you know, these pictures are fabulous in print, they just didn't come out so well when I photographed them.

Us with our grandparents. Dan has since lost both of his grandfathers. I'm so glad we have this picture to remind us of how fortunate we were to have them with us on that day. My grandfather died my senior year of high school. I was his favorite! My cousins might disagree but he told me so! ;-) He would have LOVED this day and would have caused some serious mischief! Between he and my daddy, I get it honestly!!
Here we are with all of our parents. I had to add this picture of Luke in. I spent a lot of time with Luke the first five years of his life. His dad was an attorney and his mom was a physician. I was his nanny! I actually worked for his mom but if there was ever an issue with Luke, I'd take him home rather that work at the office. Anytime they were out of town, I kept him. Now, I see so much of Luke in my own little boy. Can you see it in the smile?
This next picture is one of our favorites from the day. Scott Wilson was Dan's best man. He was so wonderful to Dan that day. He always makes us laugh. This picture is proof of that!

I put the picture with our glasses because it also makes me laugh. Yeah, we did our toast with clear, plastic cups! I could not find the silver goblets I bought anywhere! Still to this day, they never showed. So, I assume they got thrown away. Nothing says class quite like a solo cup!
This picture totally cracks me up. I think there was a real desire to catch my bouquet! Darla was ON IT! I guess it worked too because her future husband was at our wedding that day after he was invited by her.

What a wonderful, wonderful day! It was perfect! But, not nearly as perfect as our lives together! People always say marriage is hard. It hasn't been for us. It has been work and has been a constant reminder of giving 100% and remembering that the other person is more important but what a joy!

Happy 10 years, babe! It has been the best of my life! I can HARDLY wait for the rest!


Audra said...

Great pictures! You both have 10,000 watt smiles--it's easy to see how happy you both were! I love what you dad said about the offering. Right before the doors opened, my dad, in an attempt to loosen me up so I wouldn't cry, said, "Are you sure you wanna do this? We can turn back now!" My mouth fell open, but it made me laugh! :)

Congratulations! Y'all are a beautiful couple and testament to God's plan for a Christian marriage/home!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Thanks for sharing your wedding story...and, of course, we want to hear that story that made all your plans change. I also love the fact that you chose to see each other. I was the first one in this area to introduce the concept and people were willing to give a try at $300 wedding. I think they got a great bargain and I still believe even it's a $3k wedding that's the only way to go!

4 J's said...

I want to know what Louie said to you guys! That is always too cool when the Lord speaks through someone that you don't know. Can't wait to read that post!

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary!

Doyl, Robin, Whitley, Anna said...

Happy anniversary! Tell the whole story. We want to read it.

Carrie Bevell Partridge said...

Yea!!! Isn't it great to be HAPPILY married?!


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