Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meeting Stephen and Megan (with no pictures of Stephen and Megan!)

Last Saturday we had dinner at the church to introduce Stephen and Megan Powell. Stephen is our new Associate Pastor of Worship. We are beyond excited about he and Megan joining our team at FBC. Dan had to be at the church at 3:30 so he left Jonah and I at home to meet him there at 6:00 p.m. Well, about 5:40, I started loading my car with the food I made. After I made my third trip to the car, I put Max in his crate, got Jonah by the hand, grabbed my stuff and locked the door. ONLY to discover the keys were still inside the house. OOPS!

I called Dan but he and MeMaw Tim were at Natchez Best Barbecue picking up the brisket. I called Belinda next but she was still in choir. So, I was left outside with a 2 year old on a hot afternoon. It is only 1/2 mile to the church and I could easily walk that but I wasn't so sure about Jonah. AND, I didn't want to smell when we got there from carrying his 36 pound body! So, after making a couple of phone calls and not getting anyone to answer (and making a mental note that we need friends outside the church who live close so that when things like this happen, I can get someone when everyone else is at church!!!) I stood by the road with Jonah trying to decide what to do.

After just a minute, a little red truck came down the road and I knew it was Randy Temple. Now, I don't personally know him but his sweet mother is a church member and his sister in law is an avid blog reader so I felt safe enough to flag him down and ask for a ride. (That is SOOOO outside my comfort zone, by the way!!!) He was kind enough to oblige and took us right to the church. I was mortified but so appreciative.

As he dropped us off, choir practice was ending and out came Belinda. I asked her if she could take us back home to get all of my food that was in the unlocked car. So, we put Jonah in a seat belt and went back home to get the food. He thought he was super cool because he was not in a car seat.
We had a huge turnout for the dinner and Jonah went from person to person being his charming self. He finally landed at the table with me and decided he wanted to take pictures. He started with Mrs. Barbara and just went from there. Enjoy his photographic view...

I finally got my camera back from him about the time dinner started. There was a long line and we are usually the last ones in line so Dan and Jonah hit up the dessert table.
Later in the meal, Stephen and Megan shared their testimony with the church so I scooted Jonah right out of there. Uncle Marty and Aunt Debra were very kind to entertain Jonah so I could be a part of that. At first I thought they were sacrificing for me but then I started to realize that they were really enjoying themselves. I think they kind of like my boy!?!?!

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