Monday, May 4, 2009

Lots of Fever

We met The Hargon's for lunch yesterday at Little Dago's after church was canceled. Jonah refused to eat and was very whiny. He never acts like that around Marlie. I kept saying that I thought he was getting sick but Dan thought he was just overly tired. By the time we got home, he had fever. I gave him Tylenol and put him down for a nap. As long as he alternated the Motrin and Tylenol, he was fine. He slept all night with no problem but when he walked into our room this morning, he was burning up with fever.

I called Dr. Russ's office to get him in and was told to be there at 9:30 a.m. Jonah kept complaining of being cold so I grabbed his Elmo blanket after Dan suggested taking a blanket. I'm so glad he thought of that. We really needed it. Look at my pitiful little guy on the way out of the driveway.

Those of you closest to us know that Jonah is not a casual napper. He pretty much naps in his bed and occasionally in the car seat. I knew he was really sleepy/sick when he asked to "lay on that table so I can rest!"
He slept on the table for about 20 minutes then woke up and asked me to hold him. He kept saying "I need you, Mommy!" I was holding him as tight as I could and he kept begging me to hold him. He was really having a hard time.

Dr. Russ was not in the office today due to the large oak tree that was in the middle of her house. She was the unfortunate beneficiary of a damaged home during the storm yesterday. We texted back and forth yesterday about her house so I felt sure she wouldn't be there. But, we saw Angie, the Nurse Practitioner. She is so great with Jonah and he really likes her. He was still asleep on me when she came in. She did as much as she could while he was asleep. He finally woke up, looked at her and said "I so sick!"

His fever was up to 103 by that point so she wanted to rule out strep since everything else seemed to be okay. She did the strep test then left for about 15 minutes to wait for the results. While she was gone, Jonah decided to throw up all over my feet. Yeah, that was pretty gross! I was really wishing Dan was there to hold him while I cleaned it up. It was hard holding him and cleaning it up at the same time. So, I laid him down on the table and gave him my Iphone to watch The Lion King. After I got everything cleaned up, he looked at me and said "Thanks, mommy. You cleaned up good!" (LOVE THIS KID!!!)

After the strep test came back negative, we had to wait for Mrs. Shirley to come in to draw blood for a CBC. I snapped a few pictures of Jonah enjoying his movie then snapped a picture of my feet that were recently covered in vomit. (Boredom had set in by this point!)

Jonah has always liked Mrs. Shirley. She has worked with Dr. Russ from the very beginning and is so good with our little kiddos. I kind of expected Jonah to cry when she stuck him but he sat there like a big boy and watched her squeeze the blood out of his finger. At one point, he quit watching her and went back to playing with the toy!

He was very pleased with his new "Bandee!" I kept telling him it was a band-aid but he insisted it was a "bandee!"

And, of course we had to have a big boy smile before the day was over. This makes me laugh every time. I love it!
As soon as Dan walked in the door, he rushed to show him his "bandee."
It is 10:00 p.m. and his fever is back up to 101 after being down to 98 earlier tonight. If he wakes up with fever we have to go back to her office tomorrow morning to do more tests.


Anonymous said...

what a tough little boy! I can't believe he didn't cry when she stuck his finger. Sweet little boy!!! Diane

Anonymous said...

That makes me so sad for him...get better sweetie pie!

Katie (and Tony) said...

Oh poor baby! And Mommy...I always worry when a high fever comes. I hardly sleep myself. Keep us posted!


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