Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The LONG awaited jello post!

Remember me telling you about the day we made letters out of jello? Remember me telling you that I had lots of pictures? Remember me saying a post was coming soon? Well, apparently I lied! Actually, I had really good intentions. Because, I'm looking now and I actually uploaded all of these pictures on May 9 at 9:26 a.m. (which was a couple of weeks after the actual event!) But, somehow, as I posted new things, this unpublished post kept getting pushed to the bottom and I just discovered it. So, forgive me and read on!!

Jonah was home sick for three whole days. Dan and I try to split his sick days because many times, Dan can work from home and actually get more done than being in the office. Who would have ever thought a 2 year old would bring less distractions than a church office? On Tuesday of that week, I took the whole day off because Dan had a lot going on. When I put Jonah to bed Monday night, I told him about all the fun things he would do with me the next day. It wasn't particularly exciting because those were all things we had done in the past. UNTIL I said the word JELLO!

I explained to him that we were going to make jello, use our cookie cutters to make letters and then we would talk about the letters and what sounds they make. (I was trying to combine education with fun!) I left his room and forgot about the Jello. He, on the other hand, did not! He ran into our room at 5:45 a.m. on Tuesday saying "I wanna make Jello letters!" Ummm, excuse me? It is currently 2 hours before you normally get out of bed! So, I put him back in bed and told him he had to sleep more before we made Jello letters. One hour later, I awoke to him standing right next to me saying "Is it time to make Jello letters now, Mommy?" (Note to self: DO NOT EVER TELL HIM ANYTHING FUN IS ON THE HORIZON)

Now, at this point a good mommy would have gone straight to the kitchen to get jello out of the fridge. Well, this mommy did not think far enough ahead to make the jello the night before. AND, to make matters worse, when you make Jello for cutouts, you have to use a different recipe that actually takes longer to gel. So, we were still looking at a four hour wait!!!

When the time was down to the last thirty minutes, I told Jonah we had to pick up all of his toys so he house would be clean for the Jello. Who knew that jello minded a dirty house? But, the logic worked for him and the kiddo cleaned like a mad man.

Jonah has known every letter since he was about 18 months old but he can now pick up the letter, tell you what sound it makes and a word that starts with that letter. So, to waste a little more time, we worked our way through the entire tin of letters.
Ahhh...the finished jello! Who knew a pan of jelled green stuff could bring a 2 year old so much joy??

He sorted through all the letters to find the ones that make his name. Although, he did get very confused because of the way the A looks. He said the window was missing in the A.

His first attempt was with the letter O. We learned quickly that you have to press down pretty hard to get a good cut. As you can see, this one wasn't quite hard enough. So, we had to do the O again.

I used my SLR to take the pictures but wanted some video of this for Dan. So, thus the small camera in the next couple of pictures.


Penny said...

Good job, Mom! Kindergarten teachers LOVE to see learning incorporated in your fun activities. And Jonah, you are SO smart! =)

Anonymous said...

I love it...what a little genius he is! Can't wait to do that with Eli in a couple of years.


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