Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jonah & Eli

Jonah and I met Eli at the nursery last Wednesday night so his mommy could go to a meeting. It was time for him to eat so Jonah and I fed him. MaMaw Chandler came in during the feeding and got to be part of the excitement also. With the exception of Eli's first spoon feeding, he has probably never had to work so hard to eat in his life!! Check out those eyes. He is wondering how on earth his mealtime got delegated to a 2 year old!

Jonah had so much fun telling Eli to "open your mouth" and "don't spit it out" until he discovered my camera. Then he enjoyed being a photographer. I did not post several that he took because they were quite unflattering of me and MaMaw Chandler.

I could only get my camera back by telling him I wanted a picture of him. Of course, he had to do his big boy smile.
He quickly became bothered with Eli's diaper bag that was left open. He said "Somebody should have shut that!"

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Avery's Mommy said...

hey nicki - we are just going to shreveport, but i am SO looking forward to it! Where are you guys going?

I love this post where Jonah said "Somebody should have shut that!"


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