Friday, May 8, 2009

I know I did the sneak peek of posts to come last night, but you will find none of these pictures in that post. That is because I just found this sitting in my draft folder. For some reason, it was never published. So, here ya go!!!

I bought the summer's first batch of sweet corn yesterday. We (me and Dan) love fresh corn and had very high hopes of Jonah liking it too.

Don't let the face deceive you! He hated it. He gagged on it. He cried. He begged to not eat it. So, we now add one more veggie to the ever growing list of things he hates. YAY!

While we cleaned the kitchen after dinner, we decided to occupy Jonah with some of the fun things my mom sent him after he hurt his eye. One thing was a package of those capsules you put in water and they turn into little foam creatures.

He dropped it in the water and waited.
And waited!
He added a few more to the water and then waited some more.
And waited some more. But, the weight of his large head became too much to bear so he rested his nose on the cup.
Finally, we decided to leave the capsules to do their magic and we headed to the ball fields to let Jonah run off some energy and to see a few friends play ball. Jonah was very intrigued by this large pile of dirt. I'm glad this took place before the work day last week because he was too scared to play on the dirt for fear of getting dirty.

We spent most of our time at the t-ball fields watching them play. Those are the really fun ones to watch because they have a blast out there. AND, they are so stinkin' serious about it. I can't wait for Jonah to play. Maybe by the time he gets there, Vidalia will have indoor t-ball fields just for me! :-)

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Avery's Mommy said...

I bought Avery this same pack of foam animals. Ours never grew. One day i was getting Avery ready for a bath and she was holding the pack. I realized if she eats that it could her intestines! So they got trashed....guess we'll wait a few years on those.


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