Monday, May 11, 2009

Farming with the Welch Family

I remember being pregnant with Jonah and Dan worrying about whether or not he would be a good daddy. (yeah, as if that has ever been a question since this little boy arrived!) As we talked about that and prayed about it, I came to discover his fears were not so much about being a good daddy, but a daddy that could expose his little boy to many things that lots of dads do. You see, if you know Dan well, he doesn't hunt or fish like most of the males in this area. He didn't want our little boy to grow up missing out on those things just because he didn't do them.

We talked then about how maybe, just maybe some of the men in our church would help him expose Jonah to those things that Dan did not have a love for. Even when Jonah was a newborn, we would joke with some of our male friends about letting Jonah tag along with them when they did outdoorsy (probably not a real word) types of things.

Well, my little boy's life has been so blessed by men who are willing to do just that. Between Tim Welch, Cliff Merritt, Greg Randall and Jeff Ferguson, my little boy thinks he owns a boat, a lake house, a tractor and an entire farm!!! These men (and their families) have stepped up to the plate and allowed Jonah (and his daddy) to experience such cool things. A couple of weeks ago, Dan & I had a Sunday afternoon meeting so Belinda and Taylor picked up Jonah and lunch and headed to the farm for the afternoon.

I love the next picture! (except for the clothes that don't match! That was my fault for sending jeans to wear with this farming shirt & boots! Thankfully, Belinda didn't let him sweat to death!) Jonah adores his MeMew Tim and could not be happier than to be holding his hand walking towards a John Deere tractor!!!

I wasn't with them so I can't document all of these pictures but I posted them for you to see and dream up your own story line. Thanks to Belinda and Taylor for such great pictures and videos and for loving this little farmer so much!!


Jami Ainsworth said...

Mix/match is just perfect because "real" farmers don't care if they match! Love it! And Love children in their boots w/shorts or dresses!

Beppa said...

Yep, he may not know what a mall is, but he has a farm, a boat, a lake house, and a tractor...and a fishing trophy! Pretty good....


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