Monday, May 11, 2009

The Art Easel

Jonah loves art! And, when I say loves, I mean LOVES LOVES LOVES art. He loves to color, draw, cut, paste, paint, etc. Dan's mom gave Jonah this easel for his 2nd birthday and it has gotten lots of use over the last 9 months. We pulled it into the kitchen last week to let him use the dry erase board while I cooked dinner.

If Jonah turns out to be an artist, we will have one example of Donald Hebb's theory of Nature versus Nurture (wow, that Psychology major DID come in handy!!!) because neither Dan nor I have any artistic ability. Even our stick men need help!!!
Even though art is NOT my thing, I love helping him explore his creative side. Pretty much, I just love exploring life with him!!!

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