Saturday, May 9, 2009

Disney on Ice

Back in January, I got an email about Disney on Ice being in Baton Rouge. I normally jump on those offers and get great seats. But, we talked about it and decided that Jonah has seen lots of Mickey and Minnie over the past year and we should pass since we really are living on a serious budget these days. Thursday morning, I received an email from Ticketmaster reminding me of this performance and questioning why I had not purchased tickets. (I guess 5 other shows since last June lists me as a 'regular'!)

Something made me click on the trailer and I was amazed to discover this show was not primarily about Mickey and Minnie but The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Lilo & Stitch and Peter Pan!! Three of the four of those movies are adored by a certain 2.75 year old boy that lives with us. I called Dan and he agreed, we had to go!!

I found tickets for a great price, used hotel points for our hotel stay and planned an overnight trip to Baton Rouge. We did not dare tell Jonah because we knew he would ask about it every five minutes. Before I put him down for his nap this afternoon, I told him when he woke up, I would tell him about a very special surprise.

Well, while he was asleep, Dan came home so I went back to work. I was on the phone with Dan when Jonah woke up from his nap. He found Dan walking towards the bathroom and said "Daddy, you're here? Are you gonna take a shower? Can I have my special surprise?" The kid forgets NOTHING!! We quickly learned that 4 hours prior to the event is still too much time to let him in on a secret. He needs like five minutes...MAX!! We heard "Are we going to see Mickey now? Are we?" probably 200 times in 4 hours!!!!!!

We got to the River Center about 20 minutes before the show started. Jonah had no idea what to expect. Dan was showing him the ice and trying to explain what he was about to see when I realized I had tears rolling down my face. It was one of those moments where I was completely aware of how blessed I am. I have a Godly husband who adores me and that little boy he is holding. I feel so fortunate to be able to give him experiences like this one and to share them with him.

I loved this next picture and am so glad I was able to capture it. I'm usually the picture freak in our house but since Dan has started Twittering, he attaches pictures to lots of his twitters and Jonah is usually his favorite Twitter subject. From the look on Jonah's face, I don't think he minds!
Since we had a little time before the show started, we let Jonah do some shopping. He knows he only gets one treat and it has ALWAYS been the spinning/light up toy. Well, someone at Disney didn't think that all the way through because the only one they offered this time was Tinkerbell. Umm...daddy wasn't going for that! But, if you scroll down, you will see that Jonah certainly enjoyed it!

We finally helped him settle on a Peter Pan/Captain Hook sword! I think that decision was just fine by him. We quickly realized that a sword wasn't Disney's best idea either. Imagine a building full of little boys with swords. So, about 10 feet from the souvenir stand, Dan had to stop and have a talk with our little sword fighter about keeping his sword to himself and not touching other people with it. (Daddy did cave and had a sword fight with Jonah after they got back to our seats!)

Oh, what I would give for all of you blog friends to have seen this little face when Mickey skated out for the first time. Nothing in this world could have pleased him more in that moment! I found myself snapping away at pictures of his face just focusing on the ice. (You'll see lots of those!)

Since we had never attended an Ice performance, we weren't sure if it would be cold or not. I stuck Jonah's Elmo blanket in the bag just in case. It wasn't cold but he spotted the blanket and wanted it. During Intermission, he talked to my mom and told her all about his sword and Mickey Mouse.

It was a FABULOUS night! I could not ask for a better Mother's Day gift. (Although, I did get some pretty cool stuff but none of it comes close to the experience of sharing this night with the two people I love most!!) We got back to the hotel around 10 p.m. and Jonah was ready for bed. Doesn't he look comfy?

We ordered a crib just so he would have his own space. He doesn't sleep with us so that would compltely throw him for a loop if we put him in bed with us in the hotel. I tossed Lammy and his blanket in there and a few minutes later, I heard this conversation.

Jonah: Lammy, how'd you get in there?

Lammy: (silence, of course)

Jonah: Lammy, I asked you how you got in there? And, how'd Elmo get in there? Lammy, tell me!

Lammy never answered so I assume Jonah felt the need to rescue him. What a protector he is!


Beppa said...

How precious!! Disney on Ice is still the best show in the world! It was our favorite with our girls 20 years ago and is still just as great. Glad you had such a wonderful treat for Mother's Day weekend!

Barb said...

Fabulous pics! You are so blessed!

Amanda said...

What a great experience! I went to Disney on Ice when I was in high school with my parents (yeah, sad to admit I wasn't embarrassed AT ALL!) and I loved it. I'm so glad Jonah and you guys had a wonderful time!

amber said...

That same show came to Augusta a while back and we took the kids...wasn't it wonderful? Disney spares no expense on a good show! gues that's why the light up toys are $15! :) for what is worth, there is an inflatable blow up bed that is great for traveling. Our kids don't sleep with us either, so this is another option. I don't have one, but we have borrowed one and it worked great! It even has sides so they cannot roll out. I will try to get the website if you are interested...

Jennifer said...

Hi! I have seen your blog on various occasions on Top Shreveport Blogs on Feedjit! Your son is about the same age as mine!:) Today I noticed that you guys must have had some fertility issues also. We are blessed with our son through fertility interventions. I am so thankful for our little miracle!Also, I wanted you to know that your poem inspired me. Thanks for sharing.
Bossier City

Avery's Mommy said...

Can't wait to bring Avery :)

look like tons of fun!


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