Saturday, May 2, 2009

Church Yard Work Day

We are on the official countdown for moving into our renovated sanctuary with the new addition. Our church is so excited and really coming together to make this happen. The past three Saturdays have been work days up there. Today was the big dirt moving/landscaping/paint touch up day. It is usually difficult for me to be at things like this because of Jonah. Today was different because of the nature of the work. Dan left around 7:30 a.m. and I told him I would see him in a few minutes when Jonah got up. That little guy slept until 8:30!!! So, we didn't make it to the church until 9. He could not have been more thrilled doing anything else in the world!!

We took his wheel barrow with us and he immediately spotted Tammy with some stuff for the dumpster so he took it off her hands and took it to the dumpster.
One of the big projects for the day was getting all of the concrete out of the dirt. There was tons of it from the demolition that took place there. There were some people who did almost nothing but pick up concrete pieces. Jonah actually did pretty well with this.
After we emptied that load of concrete, Tommy noticed his wheel barrow wasn't working right. So, he did a little maintenance on it and got it running again. That was just in time for Jonah to haul some dirt.

Sue took over Jonah duty so I could do some work. Right as I got started with pulling concrete up, Dan came over and asked me to take pictures of everyone working for the newsletter. So, I was able to capture Jonah throwing concrete in the dumpster!
From the look of the next picture, I'm thinking we should have brought a shovel more his size also! He had such a hard time with that huge shovel but he was so determined.
I captured a picture of Jonah and Mr. Ken Young. Ken is the chairman of the Sanctuary Renovation Committee and has done a fabulous job of coordinating that project!

Jonah made his way to most every project of the day. He moved dirt, picked up rocks, spread pine straw, used a Sawsall, drove a front end loader, watered plants, swept, dug and painted. This was a perfect day for a little boy!

He was most intrigued with Cody, Braxton and Chase McGraw. He followed them around all day. He was so serious when he talked to them and made sure they saw him do all the important things. It was one of the first times I have seen him attach himself to older kids and follow them around. It was really sweet.

His buddy Matthew was there working and took time to show Jonah his Sawsall. Jonah could not figure out where his drum was. I guess he thinks Matthew keeps it with him at all times.
Before the front end loader got to the big piles of dirt out front, those boys played really, really hard in it. At one point, Milah came over and asked if Jonah could take off his shoes. I never even thought of that. Once those shoes came off, there was no turning back. He was all boy who loved dirt!!!

The only thing more intriguing than the dirt was when Chris came out with the puppets.

Russell called me over at some point and told me to find Jonah and he would take him for a few runs around the lawn while he spread the dirt. I didn't have to ask Jonah twice. He thought that was awesome.

Clare was the project manager of all the landscaping today and I tried to get a picture of him with Jonah but by that time, Jonah was so over pictures and in desperate need of a nap!!!

I told him it was time to leave and he did not want to go!! I gave him ten more minutes to "work" and that did the trick.

As we walked to the car, he spotted Sue with the water hose. He had to have a turn and LOVED it. It made him not want to leave. He thought he was missing all of the fun when I made him put the hose down and get in the car. Poor guy...I take all the fun away!

We walked in the house and marched right back to the bathroom. I kept telling Jonah not to touch anything and he kept trying to touch everything. He was one dirty little boy.

P.S. Dan estimates that this work today saved the church around $10,000 in labor costs. The estimate for painting the education buildings was $13,000 and we did that ourselves too. So, in three weekends, we have saved $23,000!!! That is awesome!


Anonymous said...

It was truly a great day...hard work but so much fun too! I loved seeing Jonah have such fun; all boy...

NeNe said...

Looks Like Jonah had so much fun in that dirt - I think he needs to have that dirt party at Pops & NeNe this year!!!!!!!


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