Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walking to church

Last week, Dan spoke at the Lenten Lunch at the Methodist church in Vidalia. Since that church is on our street, I decided to just walk there with Jonah. That made him happy. He loves to be outside.

Since we took our time getting there, we arrived as Dan was praying the closing prayer. Oops! We snuck in the back and sat down just it time for it to end. Jonah didn't want to leave because he wanted to write on the hymnal. Yeah, I stopped that quickly. He thought it was a big book to draw in. I have to teach him about what he can and can't write on.

After the service, Jonah spotted his dad and took of running towards him. That is always my favorite part of the day. I love to see him spot his daddy for the first time each day. It is always a special time.

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Katie (and Tony) said...

He is too cute! I could eat him for dessert!


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