Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A typical afternoon walk!

One night last week, Dan had meetings until after 8 p.m. As you know, that is Jonah's bed time. I always feel really bad when Dan is in town but doesn't see Jonah all day because of meetings and appointments. So, on those days, I try my best to keep him up late so he can see his daddy. Usually, on those days, we try to get out of the house for a little while to take up extra time. The best way to do that is a neighborhood walk.

Not only do we live by the ball fields in Vidalia, we also have many church members and friends on our route. So, sometimes we don't get much actual exercise but we do get to visit with lots of friends. On this particular walk, we made it all the way around the ball fields when Jonah spotted a bird feeder with tons of birds! We pulled in the driveway of that home (who happens to be a member of our church) to watch the birds. As we were leaving, we noticed Ms. Betty sitting on her porch. So, we stopped to visit for a minute. Jonah spotted another bird feeder on the other side of the porch. He was quite impressed with all the birds.

After we visited with her for a while, Jonah gave her hugs and we headed out to finish our walk. It always makes me smile to see the joy he brings people. He was so sweet, kind and polite to her and she just loved him.
We didn't make it very far after leaving Ms. Betty's house because MeMaw and B live right next door and when Jonah spotted their house, he had to say hi! I told him we would knock on the door, say hello to B and then keep walking. Well, when we knocked on the door, B appeared then invited us in for supper. Hey, who could resist that? The high school was playing right behind their house so we decided to go out to watch. It was a little chilly so B got Jonah one of Taylor's sweatshirts.

Yeah, she took immediate advantage of covering his MSU jersey with an LSU shirt. You know how those crazy LSU fans are!

While we were watching the game, we saw Delynn taking pictures so we walked down to say hi to her. Jonah looked like he was wearing a dress.
He spotted Cliff, Debra and Sassy outside and took off towards them. He had not seen them in a few days so he was happy to see them.
Jonah collected several stray baseballs so Cliff showed him how to put them all in his pockets. He thought that was super cool but he couldn't walk very well with all those baseballs.

When we got home, I played outside with Jonah for a little while then Dan drove up. Somehow, Dan ended up in the wagon and Jonah pulled it. Talk about role reversal!?!?! That little boy pulled with all of his strength!

He had a full day with lots of friends and lots of excitement. I told him he could watch one episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse before his bath. I wasn't worried because he doesn't fall asleep anywhere but his bed. (and the car seat on occasion!) I walked in to give him the 10 minute countdown and found this. Poor guy! He was exhausted!!!


Aunt Debra said...

Evidently, waiting up for Daddy, pulling him around, visiting all the church folks on N. Oak Street, and shagging baseballs can get the best of ya! So sweet.

Avery's Mommy said...

that is exactly what i LOVE about that can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know. there is something so wonderful, and sometimes annoying, about it! lol

And i think it is HILARIOUS that he calls Tim MeMaw!


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