Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prepare The Way

Today was casual day at church. We advertised for everyone to come casual since our service would end in a construction site. Jonah told me more that once that he wasn't supposed to wear blue jeans to church. I have never told him that but I guess he just picked up on the fact that he has never worn them on Sunday morning.

We were ready for church much earlier than normal so we went outside to take some pictures. Jonah obliged me and even smiled for a few. Then, we loaded up and went to the church. Jonah was met at the car by Roy and Art. He noticed quickly they were wearing jeans too.
At a point in the service, Dan explained that we were about to go to the Sanctuary that is still under construction to write scripture and names of lost people on the floors before the carpet/tile/hardwoods are laid. They gave blue sheets with scripture suggestions but also told people to write whatever scripture had special meaning to them. Jonah sat with me as I wrote John 14:1-6.
After Katie wrote her scripture, she wrote the names of her children. It was so special to see parents and grandparents write the names of children they love. In writing those names, we all proclaimed that we want God to do a work in the lives of our children and to draw them to a saving knowledge of Him. There was even a couple who are newly married with no children write "OUR CHILDREN" in hopes of the kids God will bless them with one day. Very powerful.

We wrote Jonah's name once but then as I walked around to take pictures, I discovered several other people had written his name also.
We paused long enough to take a picture with Jonah next to His name. I'm going to print this picture and keep it with my Bible and prayer journal so that I remember how special this day was. Then, on the day that Jonah accepts Christ as His savior, I'll be able to show this picture to him and explain the significance of this day.

I watched Greg as he wrote Baylee's name on the concrete. Baylee is his granddaughter that lives 8 hours away but she is never far from his mind.

Dan wrote scripture in several places but he spent the most time in the area around the pulpit. He wrote three different verses of scripture there regarding what he is called to do. It is so neat to think that when he stands and preaches the word of God that he will be standing on the Word of God.

We even had a marriage proposal in the midst of this special time. She was totally surprised but said yes. It was pretty sweet!!

This was such a special, special day in the life of our church and our family. AND, in other exciting news, Dan announced that we have a Worship Pastor coming in view of a call in two weeks. Steven and Megan Powell are from Florida and we are so excited about what God has in store.


Katie (and Tony) said...

How touching! What a great idea! And I love the analogy of Dan literally standing on God's word. My oh my, what tough shoes he has to fill...

Audra said...

What an incredible thing to do. Inspiring!

Vickie said...

I have to say that I was very moved today. Christian and Peyton thought it was cool also they were getting to write on the church floors. Peyton did not quite understand but Christian did. I look forward to the day that they both ask Jesus in their hearts! Every time i walk in the new chuch I am going to think of the scriptures and names that we wrote today.

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I wish I could have been there, Mom wrote mine by the alter "and she became his wife, and he loved her deeply." Genesis 24:67 NLT. It's gonna be so cool that years from now that carpet will be pulled up and they will discover all the scripture.

Barb said...

That's so cool! We did something similar at Wedgwood when we had to tear up all the carpet after the shooting. We wrote scripture about God's presence and authority, His ability to heal in the midst of tragedy, and others binding Satan from having any place there. It was a very moving experience.

cheryl & dave w. said...

this is such a neat thing...our church did it when they moved to our new building, but unfortunately we started going there a couple months after that. i am so glad you all got to experience something of this magnitude! powerful! =)

and, you may say that brody is one of the cutest little boys you have ever seen, but that jonah is ADORABLE!!!!!! oh my goodness! he looks so handsome and grown up in his little sweater vest! i hope brody is that cute when he is jonah's age!! =)

amber said...

Mama told me that yall were doing this...such an AWESOME idea! I know that was such an exciting day in your church!


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