Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hanging with B

Last week when Dan was traveling, Jonah and I spent some time down the street with Belinda. Jonah feels like he belongs there so when he walks in, he usually goes one of three places. 1. To get a movie. 2. To his stash of books, games and toys. 3. To get the motorized sweeper. That day he chose the sweeper. He does his best to clean all the floors.
After a while, we decided to walk around to the ball fields to see Faith play softball. We went the back way and B taught Jonah how to bang on that metal fence. She told him Caleb always does it so now he will have to do it, I'm sure. The only problem is there was a game going on at the time. Oops!

He loved watching the ball games. We watched Faith for a while then moved over to the tball fields. Those are my favorite. Those kids are hilarious out there. Of course, I had to get a "big boy smile" while we were there.

When we made it to the Tball side, Jonah was thrilled to see Stephanie because she gave him a chocolate bar (his first ever) and a blue slushie (his first ever!) He now equates the ball fields with sugar. He loved it!

He was really wishing he had a hat and glove like all the other kiddos. Faith was nice enough to let Jonah wear hers for a little while. He thought he was HOT stuff!

We ran some of the way home just for fun. Jonah told B to slow down. Poor guy didn't like to run. He wanted to take his time!
MeMaw Tim brought crawfish home with him and we tried with all of our might to get him to touch it. He didn't budge. He was completely unimpressed.
Before we left to come home, Jonah went to Cliff and Beppa's with B to get Sassy. He took her on a walk around the yard. Sassy actually tolerated him for a while.

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