Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter gifts, Easter cards and an Easter video

Jonah missed three days of school last week because he had some sort of infection. He was going a little stir crazy so I was happy to see a gift arrive in the mail for him. It gave him (me) something to do. As you can see, he was thrilled to have mail!

My mom did an awesome job with his Easter happy. I told her she stole the Easter Bunny's thunder because he was bringing a glove for him. Fortunately, the bunny saves receipts. After he played with his toys, read his books, ate some candy and tried on his shoes, it was time to sign Easter cards. I needed to get them in the mail the next day in order for them to arrive by Easter. Jonah did all of the "writing himself!"

Pops and NeNe lucked out because I happened to turn the video on while he was writing in their card. Lucky for Jonah, they are coming in next week JUST to visit with him. He's gonna have a blast!!


NeNe said...

Jonah, we absolutely LOVE our Easter Card. And you did a terrific job in decorating it. Pops N NeNe are looking forward to seeing you next week. We love you!!!!!!!!

Barb said...

Did you really suggest he put blue with all that orange? i object! :)


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