Sunday, April 12, 2009

Do not read if you have a tender heart!

When we took Jonah to meet the Easter Bunny, he was somewhat tentative about visiting with him. We explained to him that he would hang out with the Easter Bunny and be sweet to him that the Easter Bunny might bring him a present. All the while, we have attempted to make Easter more about Jesus and less about the Bunny. So, a gift from the Easter Bunny nor the bunny himself have been mentioned since.

Last night, as I was putting out Jonah's basket, Dan & I were discussing how early he had to be at the church this morning. We had two services and he had lots to do. So, we knew he would be gone before Jonah ever got out of bed. We realized that Jonah would not wake up expecting anything so we decided to wait on the Easter Basket rather than doing it before church.

We took care of our morning routine and headed out the door with a bag for him and my things for church. As I buckled his car seat, he looked at me with SAD eyes and said "That bunny didn't bring me nothing?" Oh man, talk about a dagger to the heart! It seems that he had been thinking about it since the day we visited the Easter Bunny and knew that today was Easter. All morning I had talked to him about this being Easter Sunday and this was the day that Jesus rose from the dead for me and Jonah and all of the people we love. So, I guess that clued him in that this WAS the day and he was missing something.

I felt terrible!! I mean TERRIBLE!!! I told him that there was something for him but it was in his rocking chair in the living room and he just never walked in there. He seemed okay with that and never mentioned it again. There goes my mom of the year award!!


Jamie Moon said...

YIKES!!! They are so stinking smart! They remember EVERYTHING!!!

Anonymous said...

That bunny better have made up for being LATE!!! Breaks my heart-again (already knew it)

amber said...

Poor Baby! That is so sad! I bet he was excited though! :)

Aunt Debra said...

I know you felt awful. Poor baby (you and Jonah both - ha)! You had his best interest at heart by wanting to share the experience with Daddy. Just keep that in mind; however, like I said yesterday "you guys better step it up a notch cuz this little guy is nothing but smart".


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