Saturday, April 25, 2009


Dan was scheduled to leave Monday around noon to drive to Houston for Cliff's surgery. Since he was going to be gone a couple of nights, we both spent a couple of days talking to Jonah about Dan being gone. That morning, Dan told Jonah that he was leaving and wouldn't see him again until Wednesday night after church. Jonah seemed to really get it.
Well, Dan decided he didn't want to leave town without seeing us one more time so he called me to meet him at Nikki's for lunch at noon after I got Jonah from school. I didn't tell Jonah we were going to see Dan when we got there. We walked in and Dan was sitting at the table. Jonah ran to him and said "Daddy...YOU'RE BACK!!!!!" It was really sweet but sad. I'm sure he thought the time had passed really quickly!!!

Jonah asked if he could "take some pictures, please"! So, I handed my camera over and he actually did pretty well. Granted, we basically moved our heads in the direction he was pointing the camera. But, these came out pretty good, huh?


Audra said...

Hey I think you may have a future photog on your hands!

Anonymous said...

That last picture is really cute of yall. Ask Jonah if he can come do a photo session with Stephen and me!

Beppa said...

Jonah, Thanks for sharing your daddy so that he could be in Houston with us! Saw your moon tonight, See you soon!

Calley said...

Wow! He really did do a great job! He must be so used to you constantly snapping pics- learned by example. :>)

The Segrest Family said...

hey! you are so so sweet! unfortunately, nash is wearing 24 month-2T right now- so we wont be able to borrow your cute state jon jon =(
you are too sweet to offer though!

and these pics are precious. sweet daddy


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