Monday, April 13, 2009

A beautiful day in OUR neighborhood

Back in July of 2006, a little 7 pound & 10 ounce baby boy STOLE my heart. I experienced a love on that day that I never knew existed. Days like last Friday are sober reminders of just how much joy that little baby boy (who know weighs 36 pounds!!!!) brings to our lives. Who knew a ball, glove and bat could bring so much joy??

My mom sent Jonah a bat, glove and ball for Easter. He was sick and the weather was bad so he had not had a chance to go outside to use it. I had to run to Walmart Friday afternoon and I ended up coming home with a $14 Little Tikes T-ball set. I knew he would love it.

Dan had to be at a wedding rehearsal so he was only able to experience a few minutes out there with our little slugger. He tried to teach Jonah how to hold a glove to catch a ball.
I love how he is looking at the ball he missed in the next picture. He said "OOPS" when it didn't go in his glove. Then, he just stared at it as if he was expecting it to hop in there.

The next face is what we got when we told Jonah that he had to give me a turn. "I don't want you to play with my baseball bat, Mommy!" So, we had to interrupt the fun to have a little talk about sharing and taking turns.

He got tired of playing for a little bit and decided to climb the oak tree. This is as far as he ever got but he kept telling me he climbed that big tree.

He has decided to start showing us his muscles when we take pictures. He is very proud of those muscles.

While we were outside, I updated my Facebook status saying we were playing T-ball in the front yard. Belinda saw my status and asked if we were still outside. I called her to tell her we were still outside and she should walk down. I think she was glad to have the opportunity to teach Jonah how to play the RIGHT way!

After we finished playing ball, Jonah wanted his tricycle. He rode and rode and rode. He became very intrigued with the blooming azaleas. He picked them for me and then picked some to put in the back of his tricycle.

We stayed outside for over 3 hours. YES...3 hours! It was such a beautiful day and we really enjoyed friends (Belinda, Debra, Jessie, Sassy and Steve) all stopping by to visit. Dan got home from the rehearsal and was able to enjoy some of the time outside with us. I looked up at one point and he was wearing Belinda's sunglasses and Jonah's hat. (I told you Jonah has a big head!!!)

When we went inside, Jonah was thrilled to find mail for him...a card from Pops and NeNe. Look how sweet that little face is!! And yes, I took a picture of his nasty hands!!


Audra said...

Seriously, I could eat this kid up! Those little tennis shoes and hat are just precious!

Vickie said...

I remember when both Christian and Peyton were that age playing in the yard. Now they are 9 and 6 and still play every chance they get. I LOVE IT!! Just wait until you are in the stands cheering them on at their games. It is wonderful.


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