Saturday, March 7, 2009

My favorite garbage man

I did a post a while back on Jonah emptying trash cans. This is still a job he does on a fairly regular basis. We are trying to teach him a work ethic at an early age. Fortunately, he thinks this is fun. Well, a couple of weeks ago, he was emptying trash on Wednesday night after church when he discovered a picture of Sue in the trash. Before anyone gets too worked up about me trashing a picture of Sue, it was a joke Christmas card I made just to mes with her. She was under the impression I sent it out to people when in reality, it was just to play with her. So, since it has been sitting on my dresser since mid-December, I thought it was time to get rid of it. Jonah did not agree.

He took it out of the trash, looked at it then said he was gonna put it in Max's crate?!?!?! I guess he wanted Max to have some company while he was alone every day. I finally convinced him Sue wouldn't want to spend an extended amount of time in a dog's crate so he put it back in the trash.

I followed him from room to room as he placed garbage cans of trash in the big bag. He was so proud of himself for helping. I hope that enthusiasm sticks around when it comes to chores.

I recognize this post is really just a bunch of pictures of trash being emptied but I find joy in photographing the little things of life. Sure, I can pose him and have him smile and look precious for a picture but sometimes I like documenting the most simple parts of our life. Besides, have you ever seen a cuter garbage man??


Amanda said...

Send that cute little garbage man over to our house any time he feels the need to clean!

Anonymous said...

Max's CRATE; what's up with that? That pic belonged in the trash! Love ya little boo-boo even if you did throw me in the trash - Z00-zoo

Jami Ainsworth said...



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