Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday Night Church

One of my most favorite things about being a mom is watching Jonah run to his daddy when he hasn't seen him all day. This happens every Wednesday when we get to church. It is such a sweet, special moment that I look forward to every week. The early arrivals to our Wednesday night service love it too. I try to get there 30 minutes early so they can spend a little time together while Dan works with accompanists before the service.

He really likes for his daddy to hold him while he sings and goes over the order of Worship for the evening. He prefers they sing "Jesus Loves Me" or "Bare Necessities" but is okay with whatever...as long as HIS daddy sings!

The next picture makes me laugh. Look at Dan's face!!! Matthew was being so sweet to let Jonah play with his rain stick and he almost dropped it! YEEKS!

Matthew is such an incredible addition to our Worship team. He plays percussion and adds so much to our services. Sunday, they played a song and when he hit the cymbal, you could hear and audible gasp throughout the sanctuary. He is so gifted...and he loves my little boy!!! He took so much time with Jonah Wednesday night and Jonah LOVED it!!! He even got a few rounds of applause from some church members who were listening to the concert!!

These pictures are vivid examples of SHEER joy. Jonah had a blast playing with Matthew. (and, I think Matthew had fun with Jonah!) :-)

Before church was great fun. After church was NOT! It was time to tell Dan goodbye!! He left church and drove straight to New Orleans. He had class at 8 the next morning. So, he had to tell Jonah (and me) goodbye.

There is the hug that brought the tears! Yeah, several of us cried! It was so sweet to see those two love on each other and say their goodbyes! I know Jonah doesn't understand the significance of what Dan is doing. But, I do hope he understands just how hard his daddy works and how disciplined he is. A lot of people would buckle under the pressure of what he is dealing with these days and he just keeps smiling!

Someone told me Sunday that they continue to be amazed by Dan's maturity and his demeanor. They said he never seems stressed, rushed or unprepared. She said when he walks in choir practice it is like that is the only thing he has on his plate. That says tons about his character. I'm so glad Jonah is growing up with a daddy who is a hard worker and committed to whatever he takes on.


Anonymous said...

jvhoo10Its great to see Father and Son my deddy died when i was seven years old so I know that precious moments are treasured.

DebP said...

My heart melted when I saw these two together. You know how much I love them. I remember when Matthew was Jonah's age. He blessed my life then and still does. Thank you for posting these pictures of two of my most favorite guys in the world. Oh, let me correct that - three of my most favorite.


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