Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Way back WHENsday

I dug WAY back this week to find pictures for this weeks Way back WHENsday. I went back to 2004 and then Halloween of 2005. The first three pictures are from our trip to New York in October of 2004. Dan went to a conference at The Brooklyn Tabernacle. The Merritts, Knapps and Dan's dad and step mom all went with us. We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time. The first picture is from our visit to The View.

Each night after we all went to our various Broadway shows, we met up for Coffee and Cheesecake at Roxy Deli. Their caramel apple cheesecake is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!
Since we went at the end of October, it was perfect weather during the day but very chilly at night. ESPECIALLY on top of the Double Decker. Being from the south, I don't get to wear gloves and a scarf very often.
Earlier in 2004, Dan & I went on a cruise. (Man, 2004 was a great vacation year for us!!!) Anyway, this vacation was our last break before our pastor left. We knew he was visiting a church in view of a call and would likely be resigning when we returned. We did a whole lot of evaluating and praying on this trip! It was a great week for us.
I couldn't do this post with including a picture of Max since all these other pictures are Pre-Jonah. This was our CLOWN year of Trunk or Treat. It was also the last year Max got to attend the big event because Jonah came along the next year!! (Poor Max!)


{Louisiana.Bride} said...

I didn't know y'all went to the view on that trip I'm jealous!

Avery's Mommy said...

i never realized y'all went with the Knapps. And can i tell you i have an OBSESSION with the view. so sad that one of my top "Life Goals" is go to the View. lol. when i try to 'fill Charlie in' on some current event he responds with, "Uh huh...and where did you hear that...the view???" lol, he says that is the only place I get my news!

Danielle said...

sometimes brian and i wonder what we ever did before olivia kate was born. these pictures remind me all to well...WE DID WHATEVER WE WANTED TO DO!! looks like a fun trip. nonetheless i know yall wouldn't trade the life you have now (with jonah) to go back to that and we wouldn't either. its still fun to reminisk (spelled wrong i'm sure) thanks for sharing.


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