Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dan & I just returned from a wonderful night away!!! My mom came in to keep Jonah for us. I tried not to be THAT mom who told her every move to make with him. While I realize that our routine works for us and he does so well with it, I know that he can vary from it and suffer no long term damage. I did not tell her what time to put him to bed or how he likes to be bathed or even about his nap time. I only showed her where everything was and then headed out the door.

The thing I needed her to know and I did tell her was to be very careful about any drinks. She is a big coffee drinker and Jonah always tries to pick up what we have on the table. He isn't used to things being hot so I told her to be careful with coffee because he will pick it up and possibly spill it on himself.

Well, we returned home tonight and all was well at our house. Mom decided she wanted to drive home tonight so she could be at her church tomorrow and so my grandmother wouldn't be alone on the hill again for another night. So, we all said our goodbyes and off she went. She wasn't out of the driveway good when the following conversation took place.

Jonah- Wanna see?

Me- Wanna see what?

Jonah- Where I picked up Mimi's coffee and spilled it on the carpet!

US- Yes...please show us!!!

Jonah- (walks into the den and points to wet spot next to the table) Right there...I did that! I spilled Mimi's coffee.

Me- (leaves the room to grab phone)

Dan- Nicki, are you calling her?

Me- OH YEAH!!!!! (giggling the whole time!!!)

So, I called mom to ask her if she forgot to tell us anything. She couldn't seem to think of anything. I replayed the conversation with Jonah. She only had one thing to say. "That little SNITCH!"


Calley said...

How funny! Every time my Mom has the boys, they end up asking for cookies for breakfast the next morning. I say, "No way! Did Grandmother let you have cookies for breakfast?!" They say, "Well, she gave us those chocolate circle cakes with white swirlies on top."
(Hostess cupcakes?? What?!)

Avery's Mommy said...

omg that is such a cute story!


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