Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some times it is tough being a big boy!

Jonah is usually in bed by 8 p.m. each night. We have a night time routine that works great for us. He knows what to expect every night so there are never issues. Tonight, I was dying to see my favorite show and he still had 15 minutes until 8 p.m. rolled around. While we could have put him down for the night, I got the bright idea to ask him to come to my room and watch The Biggest Loser with me while Dan worked on school work.

So, we took him into our room, let him crawl in the bed with me and we watched about 16 seconds of MY show before he started asking for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I reminded him that we were watching a few minutes of mommy's show. So, he pulled the covers up around him and watched intently for about 32 seconds before asking to watch his show again. We quickly realized that he wasn't going to let me watch and he was yawning so it was time to go to bed. Now, you must understand that he goes to bed with no problem. We change diaper, brush teeth, pick a Christmas card to pray for, say prayers, read a book, turn off the light and say goodnight and he rolls over and goes to sleep.

Oh....not tonight!!! As soon as we said it was time for bed, the crocodile tears started. His little heart was broken into a million little pieces because he was having to leave my room. Dan put him in bed and he just screamed. And screamed. And screamed! I waited about three minutes before going in to calm him down. I walked in, picked him up, laid down on his bed with him on top of me, rubbed his back and hair and had the following conversation.

me: Jonah, you have to calm down buddy!

J: (through sobs and shakes)I want to, I want to, I want to watch a little bit of tv with you.

me: You did watch a little bit of TV with me, but now it is time to go Night-night.

J: Where my daddy?

me: He's doing school work.

J: I go help him.

me: He doesn't need your help or my help. He has to do this himself. He wants you to go night-night.

J: I want to watch a little bit of TV with you. (still crying)

me: Buddy, I need you to listen to me. It is time for you to go to sleep. Okay?

J: I need to go with you to your room. I need to sleep in your room, okay?

me: Jonah, there isn't room for you in there.

J: (sits straight up and looks at me) YOU GOT A BIG ROOM!!!

me: I know my room is big but there isn't room for both of us and Daddy in my bed, okay?

J: (crying is over) Okay, I get Lammy and we sleep with you. Daddy can sleep in my big boy bed, Okay?

me: (resisting the urge to actually let that happen) You know you don't sleep in our room, you sleep in your room like a big boy.

J: (crying has begun again) I don't want to be a big boy!!!


Avery's Mommy said...

What a cute little story!

Avery is still up EVERY night...I can't figure it out...any suggestions?

Oh and btw, congrats on getting the old blog on the new blog. I never thought about naming my blog after one child. UH OH!

Calley said...

Awww...it is heartbreaking when they want to sleep with you- but you know it is a bad routine to get started. That was so sweet...

Anonymous said...

Mammy says, Poor baby, it is hard growing up when you don't understand how things have to be.

Katie (and Tony) said...



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