Friday, February 20, 2009

Sarah Catherine's birthday party

Last Wednesday afternoon was Sarah Catherine's 3rd birthday party. We picked Marlee Kate Lynch up and took her with us. She and Jonah had a blast playing together. He was very sad when we took her back home. He kept saying "Where Marlee go?"
The next picture shows what a gentleman Jonah is. I love the way he let the girls go ahead of him. Oh wait...never mind!!

That last picture was the birthday girl. She is the fourth or fifth kid in Jonah's class to turn 3. He is the very last. It is so interesting to see the developmental differences in all the kids in his class. The older kids get, that is harder to recognize in a class but at this age, it is pretty amazing.

The next picture was taken as he was sliding. I totally cut his head off but the smile on his face is so precious that I had to post it anyway. I love to see pure joy on his face. You can't fake that.
When John Walker arrived, he came with shovels. He was nice enough to share one with Jonah. We had to learn a very quick lesson about throwing gravel!!!

Marlee fell and hurt herself so I took her to find a drink in hopes of stopping the tears. While she was drinking her CapriSun, Jonah leaned over to hug her and tell her "It's okay!"
It is always difficult to get a picture of Hayden smiling because he doesn't want to stop long enough to look at the camera. I love this picture of him. He was having a blast and I tricked him into looking at the camera.
When Sarah Catherine started to blow out her candles, Jonah took off towards the cake. I think he questioned if he would get a piece of cake or not. The kid loves birthday cake and ice cream.
Because the party was at 3:00, Jonah's nap was cut short by a couple of hours. This was made obvious while he was waiting on his piece of cake. He was tired.
But, all was well when he received his cake and ice cream. He ate that like a champ!! He wanted some cheetos so I gave him a few. When I turned around, they were all gone. I thought the wind blew them away. I asked him where they were and he promptly showed me. (see 2 pictures down!)

As we were getting in the car, Jonah noticed the fire trucks. He is CAPTIVATED with ambulances and fire trucks. He was pointing and jumping and then his day was made when the fireman turned on the lights and blew the sirens for him. NOTHING could have thrilled him more!!! That was so kind of the fireman to do that for him.

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Cristi said...

Cute pictures. I especially love the smile picture. I wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on Caseys blog tonight. I dont think people realize how hard that is to be locked away from society all the time. Thanks for noticing and for the encouragement.


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