Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Preschool Pajama Day

I was so excited to get the memo handed out at Preschool about Pajama Day. My only concern was how to convince my child that it was okay to wear his PJ's to school that day. He is some what obsessive about certain things and clothes are one of those things. He thinks in order to lay in the bed you must wear Pajamas. He also thinks that if your foot touches the outside concrete then those pajamas must be off. So, we had to start prepping him a few days in advance.

Since they were studying bears that week, all the kids could bring a bear with them to school. As you all know, Jonah's favorite stuffed animal is Lammy. We only have one bear. So, he took Brown Bear to school with him. It was interesting to hear the other moms say their kids didn't have a bear either. Times sure have changed. It used to be that ALL kids had a teddy bear. There are just so many options out there now.
Jonah went in to show Mrs. Alisa his bear then over to Mrs. Tan so she could see too. The boys were all hovering around the teachers while the girls giggled and pranced around like they were at a slumber party. It was so cute.

Angie was there with her camera too. The two of us seem to end up at every event and usually have a camera. (Usually? Umm, try always!) Hayden wanted to see what picture she took. All the kids are really into seeing their picture on the screen these days.

Look at these sweet little girls having a blast with the princess blanket. Dan was pleased to discover Jonah didn't fight them for the blanket. It seems his princess obsession may be coming to an end.

The teachers had the kids leave their stuffed bears on the tables and then come to the other side of the room for a bear hunt. There were bears hidden all over the room. Those kids went crazy searching for the bears.

Jonah gave hugs and kisses to all of his teachers before heading out for the day. Normally, he only has two teachers in his class but since Mrs. Tan is leaving (sniff, sniff), Mrs. Shannon was in the class observing before she takes over later this week.

Have I ever mentioned just how much I love Jonah's preschool? Man, those people are so sweet and he learns so much there!!!

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Barb said...

I wish we had pajama day at SWBTS. That would be much better than wearing skirts. Looks like Jonah had a blast and didn't mind wearing his pj's.


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