Friday, February 6, 2009

Dental Visit #2

Last Thursday, we all loaded up and headed to Jackson for dental appointments. It is always fun for me to visit that office. I basically grew up working there. I started when I was 15 and left right after Dan & I were engaged. The people there are such a huge part of my life and I love seeing them. I also love taking Jonah there to visit. They knew me long before Dan and Jonah. So, it is fun to share this stage of my life with them. Jonah started the day by watching Dan & I both have our teeth cleaned.

Then, Shellie took him over to her opertory and cleaned Jonah's teeth. He did awesome. I'm so proud of him for being such a big boy. This was his second dental visit and he nailed it.

After he finished his appointment, he watched Peter Pan on the floor of the break room. He was happy to show Peter his new toothbrush. He also ran Kristi WILD chasing him around the office. He made friends with her and they played non-stop!!

He had a very serious conversation with Charles. He looked at him so serious and barely cracked a smile. I'm not sure what he was thinking but it was so funny to see him so serious with him. He also looked at him and said "You know Docka Russ?" The kid really does love his Dr. Russ and thinks all doctors are her best friend! He went there to visit the first time when he was less than a month old. You can read about that here.

P.S. For all you OSHA peeps out there, they always wear gloves but Mrs. Shellie just treated Jonah like he was here own little boy. That's why I love it there so much. They really are family to me!!


Calley said...

Man! I am so impressed that he sat there and let them clean his teeth! We have yet to set up that apt- out of fear on MY part mainly. I don't know what the boys will do!

Lori R. said...

I forgot that you worked for Charles Ramsay. I didn't realize he was a preacher until he did my Step-father-in-laws funeral in November. He is really nice.


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