Monday, February 16, 2009

Backpacks & Motorcycles

It's official! The diaper bag is gone! Jonah wore his new backpack to church for the very first time. I was very sentimental about this. I keep everything in that diaper bag and it was very hard to scale down to just the necessities for a backpack. But, I realized (sadly) that his baby days are really over and it was time to take the next step. (I haven't tossed the diaper bag yet...I just can't bring my self to do it!) He has been using a backpack at school since last year but never for anything else. Look how thrilled he is!!!

As you can see, Jonah was more than thrilled to wear his new "packback." He marched around the yard like he was something special. When we got to church that morning, he made sure to show everyone!!!

After church, we headed across the street to the car when he spotted Ricky on his Harley. We rushed right over so Jonah could see it. Ricky let him wear the helmet and sit on the bike too. We were afraid the helmet would be too small for Jonah's big head! ;-)

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