Friday, January 30, 2009

WAY up high

As I approached the church from the back side today, I saw the steeple going up on the addition.  That means two things.  First, it means the old steeple is coming down tomorrow.  Second, it means my husband will be going to the top of the steeple to place the cross/lightning rod on the new steeple.  Ummmm, YEEKS!!!
See that cross?  Well, it is on the the old steeple.  That one is coming down.  Dan does not have a part in that.  Look at the picture below, that is the new steeple.  It went up today while we were in Jackson.  It is missing the cross.

When we arrived back in Vidalia tonight, the new steeple was in place but is missing the final element.  The cross still needs to be placed!  Those silly construction workers have convinced my husband that it is tradition for the pastor of the church to place the cross on the completed steeple.  Dan thought this was a joke for the first week.  But, as time has progressed, he realized they weren't joking.

So, the date and time is set.  Noon tomorrow.  Apparently lots of  people are planning on being there to witness this event.  I'm not one of them!  Dusty (who is afraid of heights) has decided he wants to go up there too.  So, as my dear friend Sue says, one misstep and this church is without a staff!  Let's pray for solid footing!!!!  Seriously...quit reading this and pray!  :-)

I'm sure I will be back tomorrow with pictures.  Surely someone there will have a camera!


Barb said...

Be careful, Dan! And I can't wait to see those pics!

Daniel & Denise said...

I can't wait to find out how all of this turns out! I don't think I could handle going up that high!


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