Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday FUN!

Jonah wanted to play outside Saturday morning so Dan took him out for a couple of hours. While Jonah played, Dan raked and bagged pine straw. I think Jonah "helped" with this too. He was not sure about Dan using his wagon to transport the bags to the road. Dan finally convinced him to help him pull the wagon.

Yes, please notice my poor dog standing in the road. Pre-Jonah, that NEVER would have happened.

At the beginning of the New Year, Dan & I made family goals. We did not want to do resolutions because we knew we would not keep them. So, we each made 12 goals. 3 for me, 3 for him, 3 for Jonah and then 3 for our family. We then came together and combined them to make a solid list of things we want to see happen in our family over the year. One of Dan's goals for Jonah was for him to learn to ride a tricycle. He got a tricycle from the Hargon's for his birthday but wasn't great at the pedaling. This has concerned Dan so it was one of his goals. Well, while I was cleaning inside, Dan comes to the door and yells "Jonah met one of my goals, Jonah met my goal!!!" I looked out to find Jonah pedalling away on his tricycle!!

Our next big goal for him is potty training! We both made that goal and are doing our best to help him achieve it. So far, we have not had good results. But, we press on in hopes that he won't be wearing diapers on the high school football team!
After spending a while outside, it was time for a bath! I bathed Jonah then started to let the water out of the tub when he started swimming from one end to the other. He had such a fun time that I let him play in the suds for another 15 minutes after the water was all gone.

Dan had to leave to go referee the Natchez High School Soccer games. Jonah barely had time to lift his head to give his daddy a hug and kiss. He was in serious play mode.

Max was curious about why there were so many giggles. So, he had to hop up and see for himself. I think he was totally unimpressed.

I love lazy days around the house where we just get to enjoy being a family with so many outside distractions. I sure do love my little family and thank God for such a good life!


NeNe said...

AMEN! And don't stress to much with potty training - I learned that when he is ready - it will happen! Love you guys!

Spydermonkey said...

Where did this photo shoot take place......Amsterdam??

Daniel & Denise said...

No miracle blanket yet, I was trying to hold off until after my shower this weekend before I started buying stuff...and it has been real hard to not buy something when I see it too!

And I love the Jonah conversations! Especially the prayer one! He is too funny! Melissa and mom had to fill me in on all the Jonah stories a few weeks ago when they had him in the nursery! He was frying fish for them...I wonder where he got that?

Regina and David said...

I love the goal idea. That is neat.


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