Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jonah's first boat

Debra just sent me these pictures from her camera. They were taken on December 11. We went down to their house to visit and they gave Jonah an early Christmas gift. He got his very first boat. He was quite thrilled and still plays with it everyday while he watches TV.

Please notice the two people in the boat. That is Cliff and Jonah. You must know that Jonah cried to take Cliff to school with him the next day. He genuinely believes that is Cliff and the little one is him. For a couple of weeks after receiving this, he would come running to me and say "Mommy, I can't find Cliff!" or "Mommy, Me is missing" That was always so odd to hear.

You can tell from these pictures that Cliff and Dan had as much fun with the boat as Jonah did. They played for a long time that night. It was fun to watch my little guy play and interact with two people he loves so much.


Barb said...

so when are you coming to fort worth? i'm anxious to meet jonah. he's such a precious boy!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Yeah, men never really outgrow playing with toys...each Christmas Randy has to buy our nephew,Dalton, a toy that he (Randy) want to play with...this year poor Dalton was wondering when he was going to get to play with it because his Uncle Randy and Cameron were hogging it! But I still enjoy playing too...I am so ready to buy Natalie more furniture for her doll house.He,he!


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