Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day at our house

The great thing about having a toddler who doesn't quite get the Santa thing is that Christmas morning seems like any other morning. We were able to have Jonah eat breakfast before ever stepping foot in the living room. He had a yummy breakfast of yogurt. Breakfast casserole was in the oven but he needed something then since he was used to eating when he gets up.
We hyped up the fact that Santa had been to see him and got him excited about going into the living room. It was cute to see him walk in and peek over the chair. I think he thought he was going to see Santa sitting there.
His three gifts were sitting under the tree waiting for him. He walked very timidly over to them and looked for a minute before touching anything. He picked up his rocket first and then quickly moved to the other gifts.

He wanted to stop playing long enough to give Max a present from him. I love that he is so considerate of others. (and dogs!)
If you remember, I told you in a previous post how I stuffed the Santa bag with pillows just for effect. After a while, Jonah noticed that bag and he became very curious about what might be in that bag.

We had a very relaxed day as far as gifts were concerned. We got Jonah about 5 other small gifts but just left them wrapped. As he got tired of playing with the toys that were out, we let him get something else to open. He never asked to open anything else. We had to prompt him to get another gift. The gifts lasted ALL day. It was fun.

The Hibbs' came over to check out the Christmas morning festivities. Jonah was happy to see them and I think they were pretty excited about seeing him. Jimmy had a grand time playing with all of Jonah's toys.

Jonah got to open his gift from Jimmy and Cathy. He got a check for his Edward Jones account. He may not realize the significance of that now but one day he will. He loves "monies" but has no idea what "monies" will do for him down the road.

At some point, we realized Jonah had not looked at his stocking. He had a large time pulling everything out and looking at it. He loved his toothbrush the most. Well, maybe it was a tie between his toothbrush and the Blue (from Blue's Clues) beanie baby.

It is actually pretty funny to hear him tell what Santa brought him. Anytime anyone asks what he got he says "banana, orange, pear and goldfish!" Ummm...the things that cost the least and had zero frills are what impressed him.

Since we had no family in town, we did not cook a big meal. Instead, we met Clare and Tammy at The Eola hotel for lunch.

When we got home, Jonah went down for a much needed nap then woke up to open another present.

We had such a fun day with our little guy. He seemed to understand a little this year but I can't wait for next year. Life is so much fun with Jonah!!

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