Thursday, January 1, 2009

Eli and Jonah

Before Eli was every born, Amanda and I talked about getting a cute picture of Jonah and Eli for Sue. So, we attempted a photo shoot with a 2 year old and 6 week old. FUN TIMES! We got some great relationship shots but no real smiley shots of the two of them. Jonah was in serious mode and never even came close to grinning. These are a few weeks old but I did not want to post them until Sue got to see them.

Christmas Cards

Happy New Year! Today has been a day of rest for our family. We haven't left the house or changed out of our PJ's. Jonah did leave when the Hibbs stopped by to take him for ice cream. Other than that, we have been very lazy around here. It has been a good day.

We started something today that I heard about many years ago. We saved all of our Christmas cards and put them in a big basket. Every night, when we pray with Jonah or when we sit down to eat a meal together at home, we will draw one of the cards out and pray for that family. I love this idea. It is a great way to teach Jonah to pray for other people and also a reminder for us to thank God for special people in our lives and pray for them specifically.

So, tonight Dan drew the first card from the middle of the stack. This is who he drew!

Yep, Rob and Melanie! I found it so odd that we normally spend the New Year with them and didn't this year but drew their card first...on the new year! So, tonight we prayed for Rob and Melody. (Jonah is now calling her Melody rather than Melanie!) After we prayed for them, we put them at the bottom of the stack. We have about 120 cards so everyone should get a specific day of prayer at least 3 times this year. Don't you wish you would have sent us a card? ;-)

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A night with Sheriff Woody...and Buzz!

How things change!

I have taken a picture of Jonah each year on Christmas morning as soon as we walk in his room. I love having "the first picture of Christmas" to look back on and compare. This year, he did not wake up until 9:15. We heard him stir and walked in his room. He had just gotten out of bed and was starting to play. From the look on his face, we surprised him by walking in!

Last year, he was still in a crib and was sitting up waiting on us when we walked in. He was in a great mood and had no idea the fun that was in store for him on that day.
We must have scared him to death the first year. This picture always makes me laugh. We could hardly wait for him to wake up that year and (it was 10 a.m. by the way!!!) when he made the first peep, we rushed in there. This is the look we got!
I'm sure the day will come (sooner than I wish) that I don't get to capture Jonah's first expressions on Christmas morning. Pretty soon, he will be sitting at the tree before we even know he is awake. But, for now, I enjoy these moments and take them while I can.

Way back WHENsday

I could not decide which of these 5 pictures to post so I posted them all. They all came from posts on December 31 of the previous two years. The first one is of Jonah dressed and ready for the Liberty Bowl Parade in Memphis last year. He was all fired up and loving that cow bell.

We spend the weekend with Rob and Melanie and this next picture was right before we told them goodbye. We were all at the Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis and sad to tell them bye. That was the end of our annual New Years weekend. (except it isn't annual anymore because they will be in Dallas this year for the Cotton Bowl!)

The next three pictures are from 2006. Jonah was just a little over 5 months old. Rob and Melanie were here for the weekend. Jonah fell in love with them. He and Rob had an immediate bond. Rob used to be our favorite blog commenter but he ignores us now. And, they got a Wii today so we may never hear from the again!

The last picture is probably our most favorite EVER of Jonah. We have tons of good ones but this one seemed to make its way to many computer desktops and lots of picture frames. It seemed to be one that everyone liked. Well, everyone except my boss. He hated the crooked hat!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Santa enlisted Dan to help with Jonah's 3 gifts this year. He was very busy and did not have time to put everything together. So, Dan stepped in and helped the big guy out. When all the batteries were installed and the toys were left by the tree, I snapped a picture. I don't know if you remember about the Pottery Barn Santa bag from last year but it was a huge "discussion" in our house. I wanted to put all of Jonah's gifts in there. Dan wanted all of the gifts to be out. I let him win this year. BUT, I still wanted to use my Santa bag. So, I stuffed it with pillows and put it beside the gifts for effect!! See, the best of both worlds!

Before Jonah went to bed, we put all of the Little People in their correct place and talked about them and their significance to the Christmas story. I thought he was really 'getting it' until he said to put baby Jesus in the donkey cart so the cows can eat him. Oh well, I guess we have another year to work on that!!

Cookies and Milk for Santa

Before bed, we told Jonah we needed to leave cookies for Santa. He ran to his seat and was eager to help. Uncle Marty brought homemade cookies over for us to use. I think he thought I might use store bought cookies. What ever would give him an idea like that? So, just to make sure Jonah remains on Santa's good list, he made homemade cookies and fudge for Santa.
Jonah was very careful to put the cookies out for Santa. He actually put several cookies out before he wanted a bite of one. (You can see that on the video at the end.)

We were not so successful with the milk. It was much like last the experience last year. His motor skill still aren't developed enough to pour milk without making a mess. Mess or makes for great pictures.

Max did not seem to mind Jonah spilling any milk. He gladly takes anything that falls to the floor.


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