Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mail for Jonah

Pops and NeNe sent Jonah a really cool gift in the mail earlier this week. He got the new VMotion game system. It is like the Wii but for Preschoolers. You stand up to play and it is all learning games. If Jonah enjoys it half as much as he enjoyed opening it, then it will be a huge hit in our house! Thanks Pops and NeNe!!!

See you next year, Phibby!

Phibby has been a fun little tradition for our family this year. Jonah had to tell him Goodbye on Christmas Eve. We explained that he would go back to live at the North Pole and then be back to see us next year on Thanksgiving night.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The great A&D mishap!!!

I walked into Jonah's room Tuesday morning and immediately knew there was a problem. First of all, his room smelled like an A&D factory. Second, he was holding a box of wipes and when he saw me, he said "I put these up!" Third, his eyes immediately stared at the floor and he began to cry. It was then I knew we had a problem. Jonah's face was greasy, his hair was a mess, his bed was coated with greasy A&D and the wall had a new shine to it. I called for Dan and also ran for my camera. You can tell by these first few pictures that my little boy KNEW he was in some serious trouble.

I made him stay still while Dan ran bath water. I knew that the more things he touched, the bigger mess we would have. We still don't know exactly what happened but we think he must have squirted all the entire tube out then rolled around in it. Look at his hair!!!
If you aren't familiar with A&D ointment, it is a diaper creme that is similar to Vaseline. This is what it looks like on bed sheets!
Jonah went straight to the bathtub while I started laundry with his PJ's, blankets, sheet and stuffed animals. Dan scrubbed him from head to toe and even washed his hair 6 times in hopes of getting the greasy stuff out of his hair. NO LUCK! He even used Dawn Detergent because it is a degreaser. Finally, we felt we had put him through enough so we let him out of the tub knowing full well we would have to attempt more hair washing later in the day.

While Dan was bathing him, the phone rang. It was Melissa calling from Youngs Funeral Home to discuss details on the funeral Dan was preaching the next day. I told her what Jonah had done so she could understand why Dan couldn't come to the phone right then. She told me to try flour in his hair. She said it would absorb the grease. So, before Jonah's nap, the poor kid had to head back to the shower for another scrub. But, this time, Dan came armed with a cup of flour!!!

I am very happy to report that the flour removed all of ointment from Jonah's hair! (and made biscuit dough in the bottom of the tub!!) WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

The Sunday before Christmas

Look at my handsome little two year old! He was styling at church Sunday morning. He got SO many compliments that he eventually just started saying "I cute" whenever people approached him. I'm thinking self esteem is not something he will have issues with as he gets older. As we were getting in the car, he stopped for a picture with his buddy, Cliff. I'm not sure which of these two like the other one more.
We all ended up at the same house for lunch...Mrs. Barbara's house! All I can say is YUMMY! That woman can cook! Sunday lunches at her house are awesome!!! While we were still eating, Cliff and Jonah went to the living room and pretended to sleep. Jonah isn't a great actor! He was grinning and giggling so much in the midst of this "sleep!"

Later that night, we went to Tim (MeMaw) and Belinda's (B) house for Grinch party. These people have the entire movie memorized. I laughed at them WAAAAY more than I did the movie. It is so fun to see someone enjoy something so much. We were all watching them.
Since we were going to their house, Jonah wanted to wear his "Memaw Boots!' We gladly obliged. He could not wait to show Tim again. Poor Tim...he is going to get tired of acting like he is so excited to see those boots.
There were about 10 adults watching the movie so Jonah made his way from one room to the next watching. I was surprised at how well he paid attention. I was afraid he would be a distraction but he did great. He is growing up!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hide & Seek and the Wii

Our very sweet friends sent us a Wii for Christmas. Dan is, over the top excited. Josh Wilson is equally thrilled. We have seen him more over the last week than we have in the entire 4 years we have known him. Well, maybe not but that really emphasizes the point of just how much he loves it. Jonah enjoys the time Josh, Manna and Eli are here by playing games of his own...HIDE AND SEEK. (He is a terrible hider, by the way!)

While Dan and Josh jammed out to Guitar Hero, Jonah found his guitar and brought it in so he could join in on the fun. Precious!!!

Jonah thinks that covering his face equals great hiding skills. Poor guy...he has a lot to learn. Before going any further with this post, you have to watch this video of Jonah and Manna playing Hide and Seek. She tried to scare him but it was anti-climatic. Then, he hid from her and giggled the whole time. Such FUN times.

Jonah was thrilled to show off his room to Baby Eli. He made sure to show him his Christmas tree and his big boy bed. (He still calls it his big boy bed even though I'm pretty sure he does not remember days in the crib!!)
Eli was not overly thrilled to try out Jonah's changing table. He wanted off of that thing ASAP!
Jonah had to go to bed in the midst of all the fun going on at our house. I felt bad for him but it was obvious he was exhausted. He gave hugs to Josh, Manna and Eli. He loves them so much.

Eli is obviously bored at our house. All he ever does is sleep. I guess he learned at an early age that he isn't gonna get a shot at Guitar Hero so he might as well just nap. Isn't he so sweet?
Manna is a MAD guitarist. She has serious skills. I, on the other hand, am terrible at this game and will probably never play again. Besides, it is much more fun to just watch everyone else. They get all serious like they are REALLY on stage!!!


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