Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last Wednesday at church

Jonah was SUPER excited about wearing his "MeMaw Boots" to church so "MeMaw" (a.ka. Tim Welch) could see them. Since Tim is a farmer and has a John Deere tractor, Jonah equates all things John Deere to Tim.

Many of you know that our church is in the middle of a Sanctuary renovation and we are meeting in the multipurpose building until the middle of May. Jonah went in to see Dan before heading to the nursery and decided he would spend some time on stage. He is such a little ham!

Dara called me early Wednesday morning and asked me to take her spot in the nursery that night. We only had four kids in our room so it wasn't bad at all. Delynn gave Jonah a balloon before we went in so that kept them entertained most of the night.
Zoe's mom dropped her off to play with us but she was not happy about that. She stood in the same spot for quite some time with her arms crossed while refusing to smile. I tried everything to get her to play with us and have fun.
We noticed she and Jonah both had on John Deere boots so I told him to stand next to her for a picture. As you can see, they were both thrilled with having a picture taken together!! You can also tell that Zoe's boots did not just come out of the box!! Hers have a little wear and tear on them. I'm sure Jonah's will look like that soon!

I tried to get her to smile but I'm pretty sure this look was intended for me because of what was coming that night. Yeah, with about five minutes to go in the nursery, Zoe came behind me in the rocking chair and I didn't know it. She got on the floor and her pinky got caught under the rocker. Lets just say lots of blood and a visit to the emergency room happened. Ughh....I felt awful! I'm pretty sure I deserved this look from her! Even if it was premature!
Jonah and Marlie had a blast playing. They ran their little hearts out. It is so fun to see them play and have fun together.

Zoe even warmed up and played with us. She had TONS of fun but I'm guessing she would have rather stood by the wall to avoid the end result of visiting the ER!!!


On December 12th, (yes, I am that far behind on blogging!!) we decided to try taking Jonah to a real movie at the theater. We did not know how long or if Jonah would be able to handle a movie but thought it was worth a shot. We got to the theater only to discover the film was broken and would not be showing that day. Since we were out and ready to do something as a family, we went across the street to Rivergate Bowl. This was also a first for Jonah.

The most despised yet funniest part of bowling are the shoes. So, we had to get a picture of us with our matching shoes. Jonah wore the smallest size they had available but they fit him just fine.
The first ball he got was 8 pounds. He could pick it up but dropped it a couple of times. I went to find him a smaller ball and came back with a 7 pound ball. That was better. The girl behind the counter saw him struggling a little and brought us a 6 pound ball from the back. PERFECT!

They also gave us a little contraption that allowed him to put his ball on it and then push it. He really liked that thing.

Dan is a former bowler! Yes, when I met him, he had his own bowling ball and shoes. He even had a little bag that held them both. He moved that bowling bag from Mississippi to Texas, to both of our apartments in Texas, to our house in Kentucky, to our first house in Vidalia then again when we moved to where we live now. Never once was that ball used!! So, I finally convinced him to sell it in our garage sale last December. As you can see, he is an official bowling geek! He does the leg thing and everything!!! (DISCLAIMER...not that bowling makes you a geek...him bowling makes HIM a geek!!!)

I wish the next picture weren't so blurry. I think it is so cute! He was into this!!

I'm very sad to say that I only beat a 2 year old child by 15 points. Bowling, obviously, is not my sport! Oh well, there is always gymnastics! (ha!)


I was SO late ordering Christmas cards this year. They arrived late Wednesday night so I (along with the help of Cecelia Williams, Dan and Jonah) spent Wednesday night and Thursday stuffing and addressing them. We did 400 but were short by 43! So, I had to order more but they won't be in until Christmas Eve. It looks like some will go out late. That is SO NOT me!!

I sorted them Thursday night so I could take them to the post office before bed. Dan was in Jonah's room playing with him so I took the stamp in and asked him to do the return addresses. Jonah stopped playing and wanted to help. Oh, please notice Jonah's attire. I had to dig these clothes out of the summer storage bin because it was so HOT outside. Nothing like 76 degree weather in December!!

Merry Christmas from our boys!

David and Linda gave me a one year subscription to a photo editing website for my birthday. I have had so much fun the past two days playing with pictures. Thus, the reason for no posts on the blog. I have been too busy playing!!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Picture Tag

I was tagged by Shonda to play along.

The object of the picture tag is to:
1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer
2) Select the 4th picture in the folder
3) Explain the picture
4) Tag 4 people to do the same
NO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

I tag Malinda, Emily, Amanda and Brandy.

This picture was taken by Jami Ainsworth a few months ago. How lucky am I that a great picture worked out for this Picture tag?? Jonah was standing next to a bayou in Frogmore, LA and had just seen a real live alligator!!!!!

Which list is Jonah on?

Click HERE to see if Jonah is on the Naughty or Nice list?

Sunday night after church

We had a church wide fellowship after our Christmas presentation at church Sunday night. I left Jonah in the care of his father. The same father who apparently thought it was funny to watch him pick up a cupcake or cookie, eat the icing off of it and then put it back on the table. Yeah, this is why children need mothers!!! Dan and several men stood and laughed as he kept doing this. Fortunately, everyone was through the line at this point and all we were able to pick up the ones he had licked before anyone else got them.

Eli made his first trip to church and was completely unimpressed by the people or the program!
Mrs. Barbara brought Jonah's Christmas gift to him. If the unwrapping of this gift is any indication of how long it will take him to unwrap gifts on Christmas morning then we are in serious time trouble!!! He was so meticulous with taking the paper off.

She gave him a book that we have read every night since Sunday. He loves it. The kid loves to read and loves for us to read to him. I hope that continues. Dan and I were both big readers so really hope he loves books too!


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