Saturday, December 13, 2008


When Dan & I started the process to adopt 2 children from Russia, I met an incredible lady named Karin Faulkner. Karin is the reason I blog today. When she brought her son Kevin home from Russia, she started a blog and shared it with me. She and I are kindred spirits! We are alike in so many ways. We have had many long chats about all the similarities in our lives. We met our husbands in the same month and year. We married in the same month and year. We both drove Toyota Highlanders. Then, within a few weeks, we both bought Honda Odysseys. We are both huge shoppers. We both go to Disney World every year. She actually made a list on time of everything that we share. It was scary actually. She lives in Cary, North Carolina and we even talked of our family vacationing there to spend time with them.

Earlier this year, I posted an entry on our blog to pray for The Faulkners because they were headed to Vietnam to get their little boy...Kien. Due to some difficulty with Aria's adoption, they would have to return for her later. Many of you prayed for them and asked me about them and their process in the adoption.

In September, Karin was having extreme back pain, went to the doctor and was shocked to discover she had kidney cancer. She is 34 years old with 2 children under 4 at home with her and 1 more waiting on her in Vietnam. Her prognosis was great! In November, Steve traveled to Vietnam to get Aria and bring her home to her forever family.

Last weekend, Karin started feeling pretty yucky. She even posted about it on her blog and Facebook. Tuesday, her doctor instructed her to go the ER. Today, Karin will probably go home to meet Jesus. Her liver, kidney (one was taken out to remove the cancer) and heart have failed. This all came on so quickly and unexpected as a result of pneumonia.

My heart is so sad!  She has twin one year old children and a four year old who thinks she hung the moon. Her parents are beyond heartbroken! And, her friends all around this country are in shock!!!

Please pray for this special family! The picture I posted of them was taken 2 weeks ago. This family was full of hope for their future. Now, everything seems unclear! If you want to read more about Karin and her family, click HERE for her public blog! She has 2 private blogs that you have to be invited to and she is the only one who can do that. But, everyone can see the public one.

Video from Monday!

This video was after Jonah made a mess of his room last Monday. It cracks me up every time I see it. Dan was out of town so I was using the video more than normal. I was very glad I captured this!

Friday, December 12, 2008

All day MONDAY!!!

Dan left early Monday morning for class at New Orleans. Jonah and I both hate to see him go but are so proud of him for the discipline involved on his part to further his education. Jonah had the toughest time yet with him being gone. He constantly asked for him wand wanted to know where he was. It is hard to explain everything to a 2 year old.

I got to Jefferson Street to get Jonah Monday and his class was in the gym. I watched him play for a few minutes then he spotted me. I love that face when he sees me the first time then then runs to me.

When some of the other kids noticed my camera, they started coming over and saying "CHEESE!" In the age of digital cameras, I think all kids are photographed fairly often.

Sinnott, Hayden, Jonah and Marlie all wanted their picture taken together but it looks like I scared them to death. 2 year olds are so unpredictable. Although, Hayden is actually 3 now!
We had to go to the bank before heading home. As soon as we pull in to the parking lot at Delta Bank, Jonah immediately asks for Josh and Cliff. I knew Cliff was in Houston and would not be there but I did see Josh's truck so I knew he was there. When we walked in, Josh had customers in his office. That really disappointed Jonah because he wanted to see him. He looked up at the window in Cliff's office and said "Somebody better tell him I'm here!" Poor guy...neither of his buddies could see him. So, to distract him from missing his friends, I told him we would go outside and look at the fountain. He loves that thing.

I walked into Jonah's room after his nap do find this disaster area! He took every wipe out of the box and then stuffed them back in. I guess he was midway through pulling them out again when I walked in.

This is the conversation that took place after I discovered the mess in his room.

N- Jonah, why did you pull those wipes out?

J- Cause they were gettin' on my nerves!

N- (through extreme laughter) Getting on your nerves?

J- Mommy, Da wipes get on my nerves all the time!
Since Dan was out of town, I decided to get out of the house for a while with Jonah. We headed to Office Depot to get some things I needed for work. Jonah was thrilled to wear his "Santa Bulldog" shirt. So much so that he didn't want to take it off when we got home.
We waited on Dan to call so he could video chat with Jonah before bedtime. In order to pass the time we read, reread, reread and reread Brown Bear. That is still his all time favorite book.

It is late and I can't remember what was so great about this video that I uploaded this morning. So, rather than watch it and attempt to make some witty observation, I will leave it to you and just hope it is worth your time. :-) (Can you tell how tired I am??)

Vidalia Christmas Parade

We have been to the Vidalia Christmas parade the past two years with Jonah. I did not want to miss it this year but I realized late Saturday night that a nap was more important than the parade. Jonah had been SO off of his schedule with company being here that I knew he needed some catch up sleep. So, we made the decision to go ONLY if he woke up. The parade started at 3 p.m. He woke up at 2:45 p.m. So, we rushed to get him out the door in time to make it there for the beginning. The only problem was that he was not in the mood to be rushed. Please notice the swollen eyes. He cried and cried because he wanted to wear his Pajamas. Um, if you know me at all then you are pretty sure that I did not allow him to leave the house in PJ's for a parade. Many tears were shed due to this.

We got to the parade with just a couple of minutes to spare. We have been at the last two parades with The Shields and Sue. Because we got there at the last minute, we didn't have a chance to call anyone. So, it was just us! Or, so we thought! They didn't want to miss a parade with Jonah so they looked for us and found us in front of J&J carpet. Our usual spot at Olde River Cleaners was already taken. Sue snapped this family shot of us.

You can look back at our two previous parades and family shots by clicking on the year below.

I was going to let Jonah ride on my shoulders but that kid is a CHUNK! He doesn't look like he is heavy but he is SOLID!!! I put him up there for a little while then brought him right back down. 35 pounds is a lot!
We saw lots of people we knew riding in the parade. Dan taught Jonah how to smile and wave at the cars and floats. He did the waving part with no problem but wasn't too fond of the smiling. He was still in grumpy sleep mode. (Note to self: No parade is worth rushing him out the door when he wants to be in bed!)

All of these serious looks are cracking me up. Those are not the typical Jonah looks we get every day. He didn't even smile at the pretty cheerleaders!

As you can see, he was picking up candy by the handfuls. He certainly racked up in the candy department.

He was most excited about seeing the tractors. He could not understand why MeMaw was not on one of the tractors. All green John Deere tractors are "MeMaw Tractors" in his mind.

When Jonah got home, I had to run to Wal-Mart. Dan called me to ask where the camera was. He said Jonah sat on his rug (we always make him sit on the rug in the kitchen when he eats a sucker as to avoid stickiness EVERYWHERE!) and dumped all of the candy out. He then began to sort the candy. He put all of the broken pieces in front of him. That was after he tried to put those pieces back together.

If you look, the pile on the right is what he deemed worthy of keeping. the pile on the left and scattered around is what was open or broken and headed to the trash. We were both very proud of him for his sorting ability. Apparently, sorting is a huge developmental milestone between ages 2 and 3. From the looks of his candy, we can check that milestone off as accomplished!


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