Saturday, November 29, 2008

Update on the sick boy!!

We started yesterday with high hopes. Jonah woke up with a little energy and even kept some fluid down along with jello and applesauce. He went down for his afternoon nap and slept really good. He woke up, called for me and it all went downhill from there. We decided that was enough so we headed to the after hours clinic in Vidalia.

He was just miserable and we wanted some answers. It seemed to have lasted too long to be a virus so we were beginning to think it was something else. We weren't sure if they would do blood work on a toddler or not but we gave it a shot anyway.
There was a pretty long wait in there and the room was obviously full of germs. So, I signed him in and filled out paperwork while Dan sat in the lobby with him. After a few minutes, Dan texted me to say "He keeps saying I NEED MY MOMMY!" So, we switched places. He waited for them to call his name in the waiting room while I entertained Jonah in the lobby. I think he definitely got the easiest job! He was so whiny and kept begging me to "take me to MY house!"
I reached in purse to find chap stick for his lips and he spotted my makeup bag. Normally, I do not let him touch it but I needed something to pass the time. This worked for at least thirty minutes. He opened every tube of lipstick and chap stick I had. He put it on and then we wiped it off. OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! At one point, he exclaimed "Daddy's gonna love my makeup!" Um...probably not, son! The security guard thought that was hysterical.

This little makeup session is the first time since Monday that Jonah has sat up without whining or needing to lean on something. I was beginning to think we were over the hump and he didn't need to see the doctor after all!!

We told the doctor all of the history that let us to bringing him in to the clinic. He decided to do a Complete Metabolic Count, a Flu test and a strep test. He told us the CMC would take about 35 minutes after taking it so we knew we would be there for a while.

By this point, Jonah was SO over being out of the house and was begging to go home. It was very sad. Dan and I took turns holding him and comforting him.

Then, we used the secret weapon! The new kid tough DVD player by Fisher Price. This thing is made for toddlers and can handle drops and kicks and spills. We bought it about a month ago and have used it at a couple of church members houses but it really came in handy last night. We put Peter Pan in and things instantly improved!!

They came in to draw his blood. We were both very concerned about this but he did AWESOME. He laid there like a champ and never even cried. He was much more concerned about the rubber band on his arm. As the tech was finishing drawing the blood, the nurse asked him if he wanted a Popsicle. Well, Dan misunderstood her and thought she offered a sucker. So, while she was gone to get the Popsicle, Dan kept telling Jonah he was getting a sucker.

When the nurse returned with a Popsicle instead of a sucker, a meltdown began. He cried and cried and cried. All he wanted was a sucker. We finally convinced him to calm down and we would give him a sucker later. Hard to believe he made it through blood being drawn just fine but the lack of a sucker caused serious issues! NOTE TO SELF: KEEP SUCKERS IN THE CAR!

The blood work came back to show his white count was low which means there is some sort of viral issue. He was dehydrated but not enough to send us to the ER for IV fluids. (YAY!) He sent us home with Phenergan and a medicine to stop the diarrhea. In the midst of all of this, our pediatrician called my cell. I brought her up to speed and she told me not to fill the diarrhea meds, just the phenergan. She said he needs to get that virus out of his system and if he is plugged up on both ends it won't have a way to escape. So, we are giving him Phenergan and pumping him full of fluids today. So good!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our sick little boy!

Whew...what a crazy few days!!! We have had one sick little boy at our house. All of the pictures you will see in this post have been taken over a three day span. Some were taken within a couple of hours of each other but due to sickness, clothes were changed. We did so many loads of "sick" laundry and ran so much bath water today that our hot water still has not replenished.

When we bought our couches last year, these pillows came with the couches. We keep them behind the couch because they don't match the living room but they are much more comfortable than the ones that do match. So, when I put Jonah in my chair Tuesday morning to sit for a few minutes, I pulled one of those pillows out for him to lean against. He got very upset because "Dat piller goes behind the couch!!" It took me several minutes to convince him it was okay for us to use them. I will tell you that he fell asleep there and I picked him to take him to his room and he woke up enough to tell me "Put that piller back!"

Most of Monday and Tuesday was spent in our bedroom watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Over and over and over and over get the point!) We put a sheet over our bed so he could lay there without a worry of him getting sick and ruining the comforter. We were pretty useless in doing anything else because whoever was home with him had to be right next to him. That is so unlike him but he was all about mommy and daddy.
Our original Thanksgiving plans were to go to Tupelo to my brother's house. My mom and other brother were going to meet us there for the weekend. Then, we were all going to the MSU/Ole Miss game. And, of course, do our fair share of shopping. But, we made the call late yesterday that we would be staying in Vidalia. I was sad because I wanted to be with family for Thanksgiving but then I quickly realized how fortunate I am and that sadness should be the farthest thing from my mind. Yes, my little boy is very sick but he isn't on a cancer ward like so many little children are. Yes, our plans were altered but our life hasn't been altered like so many friends with recent medical diagnosis that radically change what normal means for them. No, we weren't going to be with our family but the three of us were together and for that I am so grateful.

Dan and I ate in shifts while the other held our sick baby boy. As I sat at the table, I said my own prayer of Thanksgiving. Not one around a big table with lots of friends and family...just me and the God of all Creation. This has been a Thanksgiving Day that is so different than what was originally planned but for me, it has still been a day of giving thanks.

Try not to be captured by my sheer beauty in the picture above. Jonah and I had just gotten out of bed and were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. He had already been sick once and had once bath by this point. It is obvious that he wasn't feeling up to par. We should have realized at this point the day was going to go downhill fast for him!!!

Our ultimate goal was to get to 12 noon or 3 p.m. in hopes of one of the emergency clinics being open today. Those times came and went with neither clinic opening. Finally at 3:15 p.m., I called the Emergency number for our pediatrician's office. I have been blessed with the wonderful gift of being friends with our pediatrician but she had surgery on Tuesday and is at her mom's house in Alexandria. I actually got a text from her earlier today but knew she didn't feel well so I didn't mention anything about Jonah.

So, I did not call her and was beginning to worry about our little guy. The triage nurse called me back and advised me to do all we could to avoid the ER. So, we started pushing fluids via a medicine dropper. We gave him 1 teaspoon of Pedialyte every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Then, we gave him 1 tablespoon every 30 minutes for 2 hours. At that point, he was out for the night. We have gone back once to give him one ounce and will do that again before we go to bed.

They also advised giving him Popsicles. I gave him this one and he was very happy, But, I think he got a little impatient with it after a little bit and just put it down next to him. I took it outside so Max could finish it off.

As you can see, our little guy isn't quite himself. We have been dealing with this since last Saturday but then really bad starting on Monday. HOPEFULLY, we can see a doctor tomorrow and maybe get some blood work done. We are beyond the point of thinking it is a stomach virus because of how lifeless and lethargic he is. Jonah has been sick several times but it has never shut him down. This has. He pretty much has to be carried because he doesn't have the strength to walk or stand. I'm sure that comes from lack of nourishment so maybe he will be able to eat something tomorrow. Or, even better, maybe he will wake up completely well!!!

Such an encourager

Jonah is still very sick. We are waiting for the Afterhours clinic to open so we can take him for bloodwork. But, until then, I will leave you with a story. A few minutes ago, Jonah threw up again. I took him back to his room to clean him up. I got all of his clothes off of him and was wiping him down when he looked at me and said "Good job, Mommy!"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Way back WHENsday

Jonah's first Christmas outfit in November, 2006.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick boy = Really funny story

Jonah is on day 2 of being sick. It has been incredibly sad to see him so miserable. He has been sick a few times in his short 2 years of life but it has never slowed him down. This time it has. He is completely lethargic and almost in an infant-like state again. He hasn't been able to keep anything down and basically has to be carried every time he moves. This morning, after he ate something, he gave me that look like he was about to get sick. I scooped him up and headed to the bathroom. I raised the toilet lid and leaned his head over the water. He immediately gained energy and quite forcefully exclaimed "I don't want my head in the potty...I don't want my head in the potty!"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

We were invited to a Thanksgiving Feast/Program in Jonah's classroom last Friday. The kids were going to sing songs about Fall and Thanksgiving. Although, his teachers warned us they would probably be singing a duet because the kids get awfully shy when the parents show up! I snapped this picture right as Jonah spotted us. You can see Gracie Jane on the right as she noticed her mommy. So sweet.

The next picture cracks me up. Jonah was trying to force Marlie to go see her mom and dad. Marlie was doing what her teachers asked her to do by standing by the wall. Jonah was intent on her going to hug her mom like he did. See, peer pressure starts at an early age!!
Jonah did great at first. He actually sang and seemed to enjoy the performance. Then, something came over him and all he could do was growl and blow raspberries! In turn, all we could do was laugh! Not because it was necessarily so funny but more because we had never seen him do those things. I guess it was a social anxiety thing or something. You will be able to experience some of this for yourself at the end of this post. There are several videos.

And, here he is in the midst of a raspberry! He kept doing this over and over. Seriously, I have no idea why he started this or where he got it from. I was glad to get a picture while he was doing it just so I could document this moment.

Since this was Jonah's week to provide snacks, he was also the flag holder. So, he got to do this on Friday in front of all the parents. He was quite thrilled with himself. I was just glad he didn't take anyone out with the flag!

After the pledge, we all joined hands and said the blessing. Jonah used that as a chance to dance for everyone. What's up with that???

Jonah saw Dianne holding Hannah and said "I hold her for you!" I guess he thought he was helping. He is obsessed with holding babies. It is really sweet to watch him with her.

Be sure watch all of these videos. They sure made us chuckle. Who knew a 2 year old class program could be so entertaining??? Please notice how Jonah pushed Logan out of his way while they were singing. He did not want him in front of him. What a stage hog!!!!


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