Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Holiday Spirit

Last Saturday, we realized we did not have a free weekend until the middle of December. That left us no time to decorate our house for Christmas. If we were childless, we would probably just skip the decor this year. But, since our little boy is amazed by all things festive, I would not skip decorating for the world!!!

Jonah helped Dan bring the tree in. He wanted to pull it himself but it was a little heavier than he realized. So, he was content to just help daddy rather than do it himself.

rI was happy to let Jonah help Dan to shape the branches. That is one of my least favorite parts of decorating. I can't imagine having a real tree and being stuck with those branches.

After a couple of hours of listening to Christmas music and decorating the house, I felt like Jonah's pajamas should not be Halloween. So, when we changed his diaper, we convinced him to wear the Christmas PJ's. He wasn't too thrilled with them because he wanted to wear Christmas PJ's with a monster. far, I have yet to see Christmas PJ's with monsters on them!

One of Jonah's favorite things from Christmas last year was The Little People Nativity Set. When I put the box on the table, he leaned over, looked at it and said "Oh Wow!" It has been fun to play with that again this year as he is beginning to understand a little more about the birth of Jesus and some of the major players from that event. Oh, I hope and pray that my little boy will realize how the birth of Jesus impacts his life today. We plan to use every opportunity available during this season to help him understand just how much God loves him!

We tried to get Max to join our holiday festivities but he was SO not in the mood. He would have been fine if we had left him in his crate all day.

I have two small 4 foot trees next to the bookshelf in the corner of the room. Jonah helped me decorate those by handing me the "dots!" I kept telling him they were Christmas balls but he decided they were dots, so...dots they are!

P.S. We have yet to open our windows for the neighbors to see our tree. We don't want to be those people so we are just enjoying the lights and decor ourselves for now. Once Thanksgiving is over, those windows are gonna be open!

Flag Boy

Jonah found Dan's soccer bag by the front door last Saturday. He enjoyed the soccer flags...A LOT!

Art Projects (week 12)

I left my camera with Jonah's teachers last week and Mrs. Alisa took a picture of Mrs. Tan helping Jonah with his Oreo Turkey. I could barely get this picture taken before little Piggy stuffed this thing in his mouth. I'm so glad I had my camera with me that day or we might have missed a picture of this!!!

I love the turkey they made with their hands and feet. How incredibly cool is this? Is it terrible to say that the first thing I thought about when I saw this was the mess that must have made with all those kids making these?
I am such a fan of the letter books they make each week. It is great reinforcement for what they have learned all week. It is so fun to let Jonah turn the pages and tell me what each picture is.

The last picture is one of the neatest projects they have ever made. They inked their arms from their hands to their elbow then stamped it on the page. Then, they stamped leaves all over the paper. Viola...a rake and leaves!! How cool is that?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Checking out the progress

I took Jonah to the church this afternoon to check the progress of the renovation project. He was very intrigued by everything. And, he was quite the politician while there. He spoke to everyone and even got upset when he did not get to shake hands or give five.

Below you will see the picture of the new ramp seating that will connect the balcony to the main floor. There is a section like this on each side of the sanctuary now. Everyone is really excited about this new addition. Jonah enjoyed going in and out of each section.

We went back to the choir room to check things out. It is a much nicer area and will provide lots of space for the choir. That is a room I won't be spending much time. I forgot to take a picture of the change to that area.
I took a couple of pictures from the stage of each side of the room so you can see some of the changes that have happened already.

Jonah was happy to do a little clean up for the guys. They offered to keep him and let him sweep! He would have been more than happy to stick around to help rather than going to take a nap.
Dan handed him the sledge hammer and he immediately put it back down and said "That's too big for Jonah!"
Then, he found a broom that was even more his size.

We let him stand on a piece of scaffolding. He thought he was BIG stuff. He jumped to Dan several times and had a large time. Watch the video at the end to see the fun!

Way back WHENsday

Gotta love it! This time last year, Jonah hated Santa. I'm curious to see how he does this year. Jami did an awesome job capturing his true feelings of Santa in 2007!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunday cuteness

Jonah was especially cute Sunday morning before church. He was in a giggly mood and had a blast with Max.

It was pretty chilly outside so we bundled Jonah up in his new coat. He was quite impressed with it. He kept telling everyone at church to "look at my coat!"

We sat on the floor for 10 minutes or so laughing at Jonah and Max. I started the video and Jonah changed his mind about playing with Max and wanted to take a picture with me instead. I was able to capture a couple of giggles though.


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