Saturday, November 15, 2008


This kid is a wild sleeper! He is all over the bed every night. We go in there numerous times before we go to bed to get him off the floor or turn him around and cover him up again. No matter what position we find him in, Lammy is always close by. You can see him tucked under Jonah's chest.

Thursday night with Mommy

Pops and NeNe gave Jonah these Monkey PJ's for his birthday. Every time he wears them, I always have the idea of taking a picture of him with the guitar and his sock monkey. Since we were home alone and had a night to ourselves, I decided to pull out the props to match these PJ's. Jonah loved it. He kept looking at the monkey saying "Dat monkey on my shirt!"

Have I mentioned lately just how much I love this little boy? He is so much fun and makes me laugh every day. Who knew a 2 year old could be so funny? And, it doesn't hurt that he is really, really cute!!

Max didn't like that fact that he was left out of all the fun. He kept jumping in front of the camera trying to get my attention.
At some point during the night, Jonah discovered his red ball was "fat!" He couldn't understand how it got flat. Then, out of the blue, he looked at me and said "Max broke it!" Poor Max! He gets blamed for everything. I guess that is what happens when you can't can't defend yourself.
Art and Vera Verdel gave Jonah a Craftsman Chainsaw and Goggles for his birthday. He thinks he is big stuff when he plays with this. He picked it up and said "I wanna cut somefin!"

He tried to cut the TV first. I explained to him that daddy loved his TV almost as much as he loves us. So, I encouraged him to not even pretend to destroy it.

So, he went to work on his guitar. At one point, he was cutting the guitar with one hand and playing the guitar with the other. Now, that is talent!

I walked out of the room to put clothes in the washer and returned to find this. Jonah took every toy out of his toy box and made him self comfortable inside.

This night was probably one of the most fun since I have been a mommy. Dan was refereeing 3 soccer games in Brookhaven so it was just Jonah and I. When we got home from work/school, I immediately gave him a bath and then we just played. Sue came over for a while and joined in on the fun. I think we touched almost every toy he owns and read tons of books. What a fun night!!!

Chad & Amber's Wedding

Last Saturday, we headed to Clinton, MS for Amber Mraz's wedding. It was a pretty quick trip for us but we were glad to be there for the big event. This is what it looks like when you dress your child in the parking lot. He was less than cooperative.
We have learned to arrive at the last minute if there is any hope of Jonah making it though whatever event we are attending. That is SOOOO not me. But, in order to cause the least trouble, this works best for us. So, we walked into the church right on time. We were almost part of the wedding party!!We left the wedding and headed to the reception. Jonah was most impressed with the bubbles. He could have stayed there all day!!!

Jonah loves to take pictures with my camera. He took this one of his daddy. Pretty good, huh?
We sat on the steps and watched Amber and Chad as they arrived at the reception. He waved at them and kept saying "Hi!"

He saw NeNe come up the steps and could not understand why she didn't have time to come and play with him. He still thinks the world revolves around him and doesn't understand when it doesn't.
Dan snapped this picture of me and my little boy. He looked so grown up in his pinstripe pants and french blue shirt. Where did my baby boy go?

I've changed my mind!

2 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 3, 4 & 5 days old is my new FAVORITE age!

Wow! The past few days have been simply incredible with our little boy. He is eating great, sleeping great and is pure delight from the time he wakes until he goes to sleep at night. I'm not sure what happened a few days ago but something clicked and he just loves life now. It is so precious. I really thought life was as good as it could get with him because it was so fun already. But, Thursday he woke up giggling and happy and has been that way ever since. I wish I could freeze these days because I know he could wake up from his nap in a few minutes and be a typical 2 year old. But, for now, we enjoy perfection!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Visiting the Hospital

Last Friday we took Jonah to the Hospital to meet Baby Eli! When we walked in the lobby, we saw Whest, Dara and Molly. Jonah was immediately teased! He acted like he didn't want to have anything to do with her but knelt down and just stared at her. We finally convinced him to sit on the couch by her but he remained completely teased.
Although he was somewhat timid, Molly was completely thrilled to be near him. She just giggled and clapped her hands. It was really sweet. We did finally convince him to put his arm around her. He looked up at his dad with a grin on his face.

After we visited with them for a while, we headed upstairs to see Josh, Amanda and Eli. We met everyone leaving the room because Eli was headed to the nursery and Josh and Amanda were going to rest. So, we started to leave too but Josh told us to come in. We knew they were tired so we only stayed for a little bit. Jonah was so happy to see Josh and Manna. He loves them so much. He climbed right up on Manna's bed to give her hugs. You can see from the smile on her face that she was pretty happy about seeing him too!

After giving Manna hugs and kisses, he headed straight for Josh. He told them both that he loved them and then we headed home. We were all concerned how he would react to the baby being on the outside instead of in Manna's tummy. That never concerned him in the least. Anytime someone asks where Eli came from, Jonah says "Eli came from Manna's belly!"

One little Indian

Last week finished the study of the letter I at preschool. When I arrived to get Jonah, his entire class was marching in a circle beating their drums and wearing their headdress. His face was even painted with washable markers. It was the cutest thing ever!!! Unfortunately, my little Indian fell asleep on the way home and refused to smile for a picture.


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