Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catching Up

Yeah, this post is WAY past due. These images were captured back in early September when Dan was at school. I took these when Jonah and Dan were video chatting for the first time. It was so sweet to see the excitement from both of them.

Jonah happened to be wearing his PJ's that have a tiger on them. When he was chatting with his daddy, he picked up a tiger to show him. It is fun to watch him begin to connect things and make correlations.
I have become more and more grateful for technology over the past few years. That especially holds true since Jonah came along. How cool is it that he can still see his daddy and talk to him even when he is 3.5 hours away in school. I love it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday afternoon and night

This was an especially tough week on the father/son relationship in our house. Dan had an incredibly busy week and did not get to see much of Jonah. That is a huge deal for both of those boys. They adore each other so time together is precious to them. Normally, Dan makes up for missed time with Jonah on Friday. Today, Dan had to make an out of town hospital visit and see a doctor in Jackson. So, he left the house at 7:00 a.m. and returned after 5. It was a long day for him and an even longer day for the little boy waiting to see him. To help pass the time of waiting on daddy, I took Jonah and Max outside to burn off some energy.

I love his green/brown outfit. He HATES it. He despises pants and long sleeve shirts. I had to force him to wear this to school Friday morning. As soon as I picked him up from school, he said "I take off my pants. I take off this shirt too!" He wanted them OFF! I have a feeling this could be a very long winter if he doesn't get used to things on his arms and legs.
Max desperately wanted to play catch with his Frisbee. He somehow ended up with the thing around his neck. I made him sit still so I could take his picture. He was SO over that.
The next picture is somewhat gross but I had to take it so we could all feel sorry for Max. The poor dog can not even do his business with out Jonah chasing him across the yard. Max had to run while trying to get everything out. He was so scared Jonah was gonna catch him. Poor dog!
The Biglane's have a pretty fall display on their front steps. A couple of weeks ago, I asked Karen if we could use her steps for some pictures. She told us to come over anytime. I'm thinking "anytime" should have been a different time because a certain little boy didn't want to "take no pictures!"

Since Jonah didn't want to take pictures, I tried to make him jealous by putting Max on the step and taking his picture. Jonah walked away then turned to Max and said "you stay there boy, i go play!" Obviously, child psychology did not work on my child.
I finally convinced (bribed) him to sit back down for some pictures. I'm so glad I did because these are just stunning. (yeah, right!)

We gave up on fall pictures and headed back home to wait for Dan. I am not completely sure who was happier to see him. Wait, yes I am. That would be ME!!! Dan played with Jonah for a little bit then we loaded up to head to the river front for the Balloon glow.
Natchez has a Balloon Festival every year and it is such a fun time. We love all the balloons. Dan actually went up in one a few years ago. I had the opportunity a couple of years back but weather was a problem so I didn't go. It is so interesting to be up close and personal with all the balloons at the balloon glow. Jonah was not too sure what to think when he was close but loved them from a distance.

Every time the balloonist would fire it up, Jonah would bury his head and say "that hot!" Yes, it was very hot and very loud.

We ended up spending a very little amount of time there because Jonah was so tired. We got home around 7:30 and he went straight to bed.

This was one of those nights that it would have been much easier to just stay home. But, we try to give Jonah as many life experiences as possible. We don't want him to be so used to his routine that he collapses if we don't do the exact same thing every day. We try to take advantage of as many opportunities as we can. It sometimes makes for busy days but we have such wonderful memories. I love it!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OH MY!!!!

Remember our cotton field portraits last week? Remember Jonah seeing the Alligator in the bayou? Remember seeing pictures of it? CHECK THIS OUT!!! Click here to read a post on the personal blog of our photographer, Jami. Yeah, that is were we were last week! YEEEEKKKKKS! Remind me to never go to her house to play outside!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jonah's first homework assignment

Dan picked Jonah up from school last Friday since I was out of town for work. He immediately called me to let me know that Jonah had homework. WHAT? Dan said he had to color an elephant over the weekend and take it back to school with him Monday. He asked if I wanted him to go ahead and do it. I quickly said NO! I didn't want to miss out on his first homework assignment. Dan, being the overachiever (NERD) that he is, wanted to be sure we got this done early in the weekend and not wait until the last minute.

Well, as you might imagine, life took over and Monday arrived with no colored elephant. So, while Dan was dressing Jonah for school, I pulled out the crayons and put the picture on the table for him to color. Julia was already at our house so she was trying to convince Jonah to play with her and the balloon rather than do his homework. (GIRLS ARE ALREADY TRYING TO INFLUENCE HIM!!!)
Be sure to notice that little hand trying to pull him away. Also, be sure to notice the little boy who is zoned in on his homework. I do believe this one takes after his daddy where school is concerned.
I moved Julia up to her seat so she could watch. She is in the Toddler class this year and has not had homework. She was content to sit there and eat a banana.

When all was said and done, this is our finished product. I made sure to be the one to help him with this so that Dan will have to help with Algebra. Coloring I can handle. Algebra, not so much!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning

Jonah and I didn't make it to Power Praying this morning because we were running late. We only needed about 10 more minutes but Dan had to get there. He does not like being late. I don't either! So, rather that make him late, we just hung around the house until time for Sunday School. I was able to snap a few pictures of my little one before he got in the van.

I love this outfit on him. Dr. Russ and I were shopping in Alexandria a few weeks ago when she spotted this outfit. I couldn't pass it by! I think it is so cute on him. (Even if he does look like a boy instead of a baby!)

Sleepy Boy

I love images of Jonah sleeping. Especially when you walk in to find him in an odd position or with his arm draped over the rail.


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