Saturday, October 11, 2008

A day at the farm!

Monday afternoon was an exciting time in the life of our little 2 year old. He loves Tim Welch (MeMaw) and knows that Tim has several tractors. So, all tractors are "MeMaw Tractors" to Jonah. Tim was in the midst of harvesting soybeans at the farm. Belinda really wanted Jonah to see the farm "work" and for Jonah to ride in Tim's big 18 wheeler. (As you know, he is obsessed with big trucks too!) So, we all loaded up in the van and headed to the Grain Elevator to meet Tim.
Dan got Jonah's carseat installed in the front seat of the truck for the ride to the farm. We could have just followed them in our car but we wanted Jonah to have the full experience. By the way, look at the lower left of the next picture at my goober husband cheesin' it through the window. What a geek!
Look at my little boy. He could not have been more thrilled! He was strapped in his carseat in a big ole truck and couldn't quit grinning.

As soon as we got to the farm, Jonah took off running to the tractor. I'm glad Tim had already planned to take him for a ride because Jonah headed straight towards it.

He was pretty impressed with unloading the beans into the truck. He thought that was WAY cool!

I took a little climb up the back of the trailer so I could see all of the soybeans in there. I got my hands dirty in the process. You know how much I like outdoor things. Hey, I'll do most anything for my little boy! I'm really branching out! Belinda thought I was going to made her very nervous!

Look at Jonah's eyes. He is pretty teased with Taylor (Taywere) sitting next to him. It was funny to watch him clam up once she got up there.
Look how my little boy is just like me. He didn't want his hands dirty either. He kept wiping them off. LOVE that about him.
After a great time at the farm (and 200 pictures later), Jonah gave MeMaw Tim and big hug and told him thanks. He had a blast!

In the Kitchen with Daddy and Jonah

We were at Wal-Mart together one night when Dan spotted a mix for Chef Boyardee pizza. He had some wonderful childhood memory of it and just had to have it. It looked utterly gross to me but he insisted we get it. Last night, he decided to have Jonah help him make the pizza. (You will definitely want to see the video at the end of this post!)

Be sure to notice Lammy hanging out on the kitchen counter while Jonah mixes the pizza dough. For 2 years Lammy never got to leave the bed. Now, we are starting to notice Lammy all over the house. I think our little boy is getting more and more attached to him as each day passes.
I don't remember what was being discussed in this next picture but I love it. My two boys eyes were locked on each other.

Dan & I are fans of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. I was watching an episode where Kate said she and Jon had a rule that they NEVER eat anything made by the kids. After this experience, I am pretty sure I know why. If I hadn't suggested to Dan that they wash hands before patting the dough out, I'm pretty sure that would have been skipped. Uh, GROSS!

Is this not the grossest looking pizza ever? Jonah thought it was great. Dan thought it was just the opposite. I did not taste it! (Can you blame me??) Hey, at least they made a memory!

Buzz and Peter

Last year after Halloween, I bought some Disney costumes when they were seriously cheap. ($40 costumes for $5 and $6) Well, if you have been around Jonah lately, you know that he is over the top obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story. (Or Woodybuzz as he calls it!) I didn't buy them for Halloween but to have for "Wonder Days" around the house.

After lunch today, we headed back to his room to play with puzzles. As I was getting the puzzles out of his closet, he spotted the costumes and asked what they were. When he realized it was Buzz, he literally started trembling. He was so excited. I figured he would not let me put it on him but I was wrong!!! I put that costume on him and the kid turned into Buzz! He put his arms up and started flying. It was precious! I hope you can look at these pictures and imagine this little boy in full belief that he was indeed Buzz Lightyear!

Pat Biglane saw us outside and stopped to speak. He said "Hey Jonah!" Jonah looked at him and in a very serious voice said "I Buzz Lightyear!!!"
After "Buzz" and I played Toy Story for a while, we went inside to remove the Buzz costume. He spotted the Peter Pan costume and wanted to wear it. He has just started to be interested in Peter Pan over the last couple of weeks. After he put the Peter Pan costume on, he said "Where hook?"

Days like today make me adore being a mommy. It is an incredible thing to experience life from the vantage point of a 2 year old. He doesn't know that our country is in a Financial Mess. He is not the least bit worried about the upcoming Presidential Elections. He doesn't worry about the papers that daddy needs to write for school or care the least bit about the Financial Statements his mommy needs to prepare for work. He doesn't wonder what he will wear to church tomorrow or what he will eat for lunch. He just lives! He lives with no care and no concern. He enjoys life as it comes and I love that about him. He was more content all dressed up as Buzz Lightyear than most adults are in a lifetime. And, for just a little while, I was too!!!

My little stud!

Dan and Josh had an early golf game this morning so Jonah had to hang with mom. Fortunately, he is still young enough to not be bothered by that. I had a 10:00 bridal shower/brunch to attend to we had to get moving pretty early. When I opened his closet to get his clothes out, he spotted a neck tie and said "I wear daddy's tie!" I told him it was his tie and not his daddy's. He wanted to wear it. So, I grabbed a pair of khakis and his new French Blue GAP shirt in hopes it would work with the tie. He thought he was HOT STUFF! As we were leaving his room, he spotted his fish trophy and demanded we take it with us. So, off we went!

Our first stop was at the post office to mail a package to Ella and Amelia. I got a jump start on Christmas shopping and found the cutest matching smocked outfits for them and the new baby. I tried to mail them yesterday but never got around to it. After visiting the post office with Jonah and his fish trophy, I feel quite confident I should have made a better effort yesterday.

While we were at the shower, we decided to go outside and watch the track hoe remove more of the debris from the Old Sanctuary. Jonah is so amazed with this whole process. I have a feeling we will spend lots of time over the next 6 months up at the church watching this project.

We moved to different locations so he could get a better look as the track hoe moved around the pile. At one point he got up and said "I go help!" He's awfully willing!!!


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