Saturday, September 20, 2008

Taking Granny home

Dan was gone last week to a Doctoral seminar at NOBTS.  Since I was going to be a single parent for that amount of time, I called in grandmother!  She is 76 years old but has more energy than I do!!!  She came in on Sunday afternoon and spent the week with us and was a huge help to me.  While Jonah was at preschool, she ironed almost every garment in our house.  (including Jonah's pajamas and our sheets and pillowcases!!!)  She cooked YUMMY meals and kept my house spotless.  Then, she kept him in the afternoons while I worked.  Jonah had a blast with her and I think she pretty much thinks he hung the moon!  

He and I made a super quick trip to Jackson to take her home.  We stopped in Brookhaven at the Honda dealership to have replacement keys to my car made.  Dan lost his keys during Hurricane Gustav so we needed to replace them.  He was quite thrilled to play blocks with Granny and was super happy to discover a sword there.   

Before heading to Jackson, I emptied all of Jonah's piggy banks and our coin containers so I could visit a Coinstar machine.  If you have never used one of these, you need to know about them.  They count all of your change and save your HOURS of time by not having to roll coins!!!  We discovered these machines when we lived in Fort Worth but don't have one here.  So, about once a year, I load up all of our coins and take them to the machine.
We save all of our coins for Jonah's college fund.  Actually, my mom and the Mraz's do the same thing for him.  His college fund has an extra $1500 in it JUST from coins!!!  Well, the coinstar machine charges 8 cents on every dollar that it counts.  BUT, if you get a gift certificate instead, then it doesn't charge anything.  So, we always take the gift certificate (that is where we buy diapers and wipes) and then write a check to his college fund for the amount of the gift certificate.  We spend that money at anyway so it saves us from having to pay 8 cents on each dollar.  

It gives you a running total of how many of each coin you have and what the current balance is.  When we were in Seminary and cashed our coins in the first time, we had over $500.  When your combined income is less than $20,000 per year, a $500 trade for coins was like a million dollars to us!  :-)

When all was said and done, Jonah earned another $119.42 for his college fund.  We heard a long time ago that an easy way to save money was to NEVER spend change.  Even if your bill calls for just a few cents to never use change and save all of it.  We can attest that is true.  We saved this amount since early this year.  I think we cashed money in the last time early this year.  

Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure, some of this money came from my little moocher of a son going up to people at church and asking them for "some monies."  Believe it or not, the little beggar comes home with a pocket full of change many Sundays.  Dan says he is going to put him in charge of the offering from now on!  :-)

My little pregnant lady!

Sorry for the blurry picture but I had to show you how he plays at the coffee table.  He keeps one hand on his back while he plays with the other hand.  He looks like a pregnant lady from behind!

A trip down Memory Lane

Jonah and I headed out at 8 this morning to a shower in Clinton, MS. We had to be back in Vidalia for another shower at 3 p.m. Since lunch fell in the time frame of when we would be in Clinton, I called my mom and grandmother to meet us on our way out of town. There were a few minutes to spare in between leaving the shower and meeting them so I stopped by my Alma Mater, Mississippi College. Since Jonah has lots of MSU attire in honor of his dad, I figured it was only fair that he have at least one shirt from MC.

We parked the car and got out to head towards the MC Bookstore. We parked next to Provine Chapel, which is where I spent a huge part of my class time since I was a Christian Education minor. And, I've been in a few weddings in the actual chapel. So, that building has tons of significance in my life. I actually had teary eyes as my little boy walked up those steps. It was life my life had come full circle or something.

MC had changed drastically since my days there. I was there from 1992-1997 but when I left, the entire campus seemed to get a makeover. The buildings are all still there but they look very different now. Even with the different look, it is still the place that holds so many memories for me. MC plays such a HUGE role in who I am today. I met some of my very best friends in the world there. Many of you reading this may not believe me but I was VERY shy until my days at MC. It was a particular ski trip in January of 1994 that changed that. I won't go into detail here but I became VERY famous (as a result of my own stupidity!) on that ski trip and it carried over to my social life at MC.

Also, I came to know God in a real and personal way during my days there. God placed so many people/friends in my path that caused me to seek him with my whole heart. I was constantly challenged in my faith and grew drastically as a result of that. I am so grateful that God worked it out for me to spend 5 years of my life there.
As we were walking through the QUAD, Jonah spotted the sculpture by Dr. Gore of Jesus washing feet. He said "Let's go see the brown peoples!" We walked over to the beautiful sculpture and he wanted to climb on it so we quickly moved on. I didn't think that was completely appropriate!

As we walked back to the van, I made sure to point out the library to Jonah. NOT because I spent so much time there studying but because that place has so many FUNNY memories to me. (How many people say a library holds funny memories???) My friend Hope worked the closing shift of front desk there and she was the beneficiary of some of our best practical jokes while sitting at that desk. Maybe if I had spent less time playing jokes on Hope then I might would have spent only 4 years there rather than 5. (Trust me though, if you knew some of those jokes, you would laugh too!!!)
It was a really fun time for me to walk my little boy around a place that has SO much significance in my life. I told Dan that it was such an odd feeling to be back there. Now he is jealous that he hasn't been able to take Jonah to State yet.

Golf videos...get ready to laugh! I went overboard on posting the videos! Dan took these yesterday when he and Jonah played 9 holes and I could not decide which one to post. ENJOY!

Oh, videos don't upload the same as pictures so these are not in order. But, you will get the general idea of the fun my two boys had. And, you will also realize that my son is probably NOT going to be the next Tiger Woods!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Art Projects (week 2)

This week at preschool, the focus was the letter B. Here are the projects he did that had something to do with a B!

He made and decorated a butterfly cookie! How cute is this?

They cut out circles of different colors and glued them on the corresponding balloons.
All of these things were made with his fingerprints. A bat, butterfly, bee, bird and bug.
I was really impressed with the bubble painting. I'm not sure how they did this but think I would love to try this with him at home one day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trying to help Daddy's Bulldogs

Jonah and I tried to cheer on Dan's bulldogs Saturday.  Unfortunately, our attire did not help them in that game!  :-(

Gotta love little boy laughter!

A great deal!!!

When Jonah was 4 months old, I found a great Clearance sale at Walmart.  I bought several big ticket items for around $10 each.  One of the items I bought was a Little People Alphabet zoo.  It was regularly priced at $53 but I got it for $10 that day.  I've had it put up because it was for ages 3-5. 
Since Jonah knows all of his letters, I thought it might be a good time to pull it out.  He LOVED it.  The set came with 26 animals that all start with each letter of the alphabet.  After just a little while, he could tell us what every animal is and is now working on the sounds that go with each letter and the sound the animal makes.  

Christmas Shopping????

The new Fisher Price catalogue came in the mail yesterday. I showed it to Jonah when I got it out of the mail box and he immediately sat down and began flipping the pages. He sat and looked at every single page for over 30 minutes. We were amazed! He never said he wanted anything but kept going back and forth between to different toys.

Look at the next picture! I think this is such a precious picture of him. He was all about the Mickey Mouse racetrack he was seeing. Doesn't he look so grown up?

I took pictures of the two pages he was most interested in so I could show Dan when he gets back from NOBTS. I think we may know what would be 2 great gifts for Christmas. Thanks for helping us out, son!

After he looked for quite some time at every single page, I tried to get him to move on to something else. This is what happened when I took the book from him. He has yet to have a tantrum or pitch a fit but this is his newest thing. He lays on the floor and sobs. It is like I hurt his feelings and his little heart is crushed! Don't you feel sorry for him?


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