Friday, September 5, 2008


This video may not be funny to anyone who does not know Josh Wilson. But, if you do, I have a feeling you will laugh as hard as Amanda is laughing in the background. (Yes, that constant laughter is from Amanda...his wife!) Let me set this up for you.

Last month, we all made the plunge into the MAC world. Dan joined the MAC society in July of 2006. He has been trying to convince me to take the plunge over the past two years. I finally did it and Josh, Amanda and Tommy all followed the same week. Josh tends to copy most everything I do, so that wasn't a huge surprise. (Josh, get your own blog so you can dispute this fact!) Seriously, we have the same furniture, the same TV, the same ceiling fans, the same china, the same car until I got a van, etc. (In all of our defense, we REALLY aren't that gooby as to copy each other! We didn't even know each other when any of those purchases were made. (except for the TV and he totally copied us on that!)

Well, once we all got our MAC's, it has been very easy to video chat with them on a regular basis. Josh, who was a little kid-shy in the beginning has become one of Jonah's most favorite people in the world. He thinks Josh is hilarious! This should give you a small reason why. This is Josh's version of Sesame Street!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My first college football game

We got up Saturday morning and headed to Ruston for the LA Tech/MSU game. My parents were super excited about me attending my first college football game. I've been told that if I plan to live here very long that I must love college football. So, in order to retain my membership in this household, I planned to do my best to fall in love with the sport.

We walked outside to get in the car only to discover our beloved flag had been replaced with a bright blue LA Tech flag. Some sneaky church member thought we would enjoy that flag but my daddy quickly gave it a thumbs down. He tried to teach me how to do a thumbs down but as you can see below, my motor skills aren't as developed as my vocabulary!
Since it was going to be a long day in the car and a late night returning home, I got to take Lammy and Barney in the car with me. I could not have been more thrilled.
We stopped in Monroe for lunch and then a trip to Target. The plan was to let me run as much as my little legs would allow so I could tire myself out. That was in hopes that I would fall asleep between Monroe and Ruston so I could get a small nap. As you can see, their plan worked perfectly. I tried to show them that things don't always go as planned but my little eyes would just not stay open.
We made it to Tech in time for the MSU pep rally at Hale Hall. My dad got out of the car and immediately grabbed his hat. I really wanted a hat but I don't have a State hat. Mommy noticed that Daddy had an extra hat in the car so she said he could let me wear it. I guess that is where it comes in handy having a big head. What other two year old can wear their dad's hat?

I would also like for every one to notice that over the course of this post, you will find me wearing three different outfits. No, I didn't spill anything on any of them! My mom just couldn't make up her mind on what would be the best outfit for the game. Geesh! I think I'm the only person at Tech who wore three different things! I started in a new tshirt Mrs. Debbie and Mr. John Brocato gave me. I wore that until we got to Tech. Then I put on my State Jon-Jon for the pep rally and first of the game. Then, I put on the State jersey my Mimi gave me. (If you count the PJ's I wore home, I changed 4 times!!!)
I was quite impressed with the MSU Network bus. I stood and stared at it for quite a while. I kept pointing to it and telling anyone who would listen "BIG BUS!"
My mom says she loves the next pictures. It makes her smile every time she sees it. I don't think she realizes I just caught a glimpse of the cheerleaders coming my direction!
Daddy tried to take a picture of me with my mom but I was too busy watching the cheerleaders. Yep, I think I spotted one or two that I could totally see myself with! ;-)
Ok, I'll look at the camera but I will not smile. Well, maybe I would smile it one of those cheerleaders came over. And, just so you know, two of them told my mommy I was cute. Yeah, they were very into me!!
After the pep rally, we spotted one of my favorite people in the whole world...ROB! He is the biggest MSU fan we know. He even let me hold his sacred cowbell. That means he likes me A LOT!

After telling Rob goodbye, we headed off to meet Uncle Doug. I was very excited to see him because that means I get to see Ella. I didn't realize Ella was in South Carolina and wouldn't be there. I was very sad about that. When I first saw Uncle Doug walking towards me, I said "Hey Daddy!" He looks a lot like my daddy so I got confused!
Once we got inside and found our seats, I saw two familiar faces coming towards me. Cliff and Beppa were there and came in search of their favorite MS State bulldog...ME! They were with us during the National Anthem. We all put our hands on our hearts but I didn't sing because I didn't know those words. I'm just now beginning to conquer The ABC's so The National Anthem might be a while!

Cliff had fun with our cowbells. If he weren't wearing that bright blue shirt, one might think he was a MS State fan like us.
I was very intrigued to watch the bulldogs come out. I really liked the big flags that spelled STATE.
I spent a lot of time down with Cliff and Beppa in their box seats. They sit right on the 50 yard line just a few rows up. After I sat with them, I hated to go back and "slum it" with my parents. I was a little out of place down there with my maroon and white! But, all of those people were very nice to me regardless of my choice of attire.
When I got back to the less comfortable seats with my parents, I was intrigued to find empty peanut shells. I actually spent more time playing with those shells than I did watching the ball game. I'm pretty sure my parents wish they had known that before the shelled out (no pun intended) the money for my ticket!!
Please note: Wardrobe change #3. Cliff was happy to see my new choice. He said my jersey was more manly than that jon-jon.

When Beppa came back over to visit, she took a family picture of us. I didn't smile. The score board was nothing to smile at. I then noticed a bag of Ruffles. I picked them up to eat some only to discover the bag was empty. Notice Beppa's face? Yeah, I had just looked at her while holding the empty bag and said "Mommy ate them ALL!"

Beppa came and got me so I could sit with them during halftime in hopes of having a better view of the halftime show. I was absolutely enamoured with the band and the DRUMS!!! I even got to see Jessie dance. I'm pretty sure she was smiling at me!!

After halftime, I moved back to our seats so I could visit with Uncle Doug for a little bit. He was leaving after the game for South Carolina. He just got a job in Anderson, SC so he will live a long way away from me now. I'm gonna miss him and his whole family.

While Daddy and Uncle Doug were getting concerned about their Bulldogs, I played with the peanut shells. Don't worry Zoo-Z00, they were my daddy's shells...not some random stranger's shells! I know that is bothering you!
Check out my dad's face in the next picture. That is his "frustrated with the bulldogs" face. It was all going downhill at this point. I think my dad knew it wasn't going to work out well for our team.

After Uncle Doug headed back to sit with his friends, we moved down to the good seats with Cliff and Beppa. I'm pretty sure that is where I want to sit from now on. Beppa got her phone on for me to play with. That is kind of tradition for us. I ALWAY play with her phone. So, if you call her and someone picks up but doesn't answer, it is probably me!!
At the 4th quarter, Jessie and the Regal Blues moved to our side of the field. Beppa took me down in front of them so I could see Jessie and have a better view of the dancing.

After we watched Jessie for a while, we moved back to our seats. Guess who was sitting just a couple of rows behind Cliff and Beppa? KARL MALONE! Yeah, he is pretty famous but I didn't know that. Mommy took his picture so she can show me later and I would be impressed that I was so close to someone famous!
After the game, I went down to see Jessie. I was so unbelievable teased when she held me. I wouldn't even look at her. She stared tickling me and I loosened up just a little bit.

This next picture isn't really all the significant but my daddy found it very interesting that the field at Tech was wide open to fans after the game. He said he hasn't ever seen that at SEC games. From the way State played, I suggested we switch to Tech fans then we can see winning ballgames and play on the field afterwards. The way I see it, that would be a win/win for both of us.
I was such a trooper all day. I never cried or had any meltdowns even though I only napped 40 minutes while being up for 18 hours straight. I even stayed awake the first 75 minutes of the trip home. I finally conked out in Winnsboro and slept the last hour of our trip home. We finally made it in at 12:40 a.m.

Even though OUR bulldogs lost, we had a great day. My daddy loves college football and especially Mississippi State. He wants me to grow up loving them too. I try, I really do...they just don't always give me much to love. Because my daddy preaches on Sunday, it makes it really hard to go to football games on Saturday so this may be my last one of the year.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Believers Blowout 2008

Our church sponsors a youth event every year called Believers Blowout. Dan was tied up with that Friday and wouldn't see Jonah unless we went up there. So, we got up there at the very beginning and stayed until the service started. Jonah had a LARGE time on the inflatable games.

You know how you have moments in life that you could never recreate or truly explain to anyone? This game was one of those moments. My little boy giggled more than I have ever heard. He laughed so hard he could not catch his breath. We were both on the thing jumping around and letting him bounce. He thought that was the funniest and most fun thing ever!
Mommy attempted to climb the ladder but wasn't very successful. I'm not sure that Suzanne Staggs didn't "help" me tip over a little quicker.
We moved on to the obstacle course and I stayed on the outside to take pictures while Dan helped Jonah make his way through the thing.

After lots of playing, we went inside where it was cool. Besides, there were so many teenagers out there at this point, we were a little afraid Jonah might get hurt out there. I got him a piece of pizza and he sat down to eat it with NeNe. (Cindy Randall) Paige Boyler came over to see him but for some reason, he just doesn't like her. He kept turning away from her. It was really funny. They share the same birthday so he should love her.

Can you tell how much my baby loves pizza? I can't tell you the last time he even had pizza but he saw it and went crazy. It made me feel bad for not giving him any in a while. We have ordered pizza one other time since this night just because he loves it so much.
He also loves Nick Herring. Even as a baby, he thought Nick was the greatest thing ever. It is cute to see how they love each other. Paige Staggs thinks Jonah doesn't like her but I haven't seen evidence of that. He can't be quite specific about who he does and doesn't like!!!


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