Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Can you?

I posted a video of Jonah and Dan reading this book a while back but he picked it up again last night and I couldn't pass up a chance to video it again. He is such a fan of the Eric Carle books. (with Brown Bear being his all-time favorite!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another birthday gift

We got out of the car today to discover a box waiting by the door for Jonah. I knew it was coming so I told him it was a gift for him. He picked it up and carried it right inside the kitchen door then put it down so he could open it. He looked up at me and said "where da card?" HA! I wasn't sure if there was a card in the box so I encouraged him to hurry and open the box.

He was delighted to find a horse, cow, goat and Indian. In reality, there were 3 horses and an Indian but he was convinced there was a cow and goat too! I guess we should start working on his animals rather than letters and numbers, huh? :-)

He was also quite thrilled to find a card! Whew! There is a video posted at the bottom that in no way depicts how much he loves cards but you have to watch the whole thing just to see the last few seconds. We have really been working on this gratitude thing with him and he has to be reminded multiple times on occasion.
He was also very happy to find a Superspiderman place mat. It was actually just Superman but he kept calling it a Superspiderman mat. He had his first dinner on it last night and it was quite the hit. Well, except he didn't want anything touching Superman so he kept moving his plate and cup off of the place mat to the table. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?
Thanks Uncle Glenn and Aunt Susan for such a fun birthday gift. I especially love the thought behind the gift. I'm copying part of her email so you can see the reason behind the Indian.

Hey Nicki and Dan...
Just wanted to let you know that I sent
Jonah a late birthday gift. It should arrive today, the
It's 3 horses and an indian. It reminded me of the time Dan
saw an indian in Colorado when he was quite small. He was SO impressed and

A career in plastic surgery????

So, what do you think? Would you like my child to do plastic surgery on you? He would be a very sweet doctor but I'm pretty sure your body parts would not end up where you wanted them. (as evidenced by poor Mr. Potato Head!!!)

2 year well visit

Last Friday was Jonah's 2 year well visit with Dr. Russ. As you can see from these pictures, he has yet to develop a fear of the doctor. I think it helps that Dr. Russ is a friend of mine and he sees her outside of the office too. He talks about her all the time. So, he was very happy about going to see "Docka Russ" that morning.
Once we were back in the room, we worked on our numbers for a little while. He knows all of his letters and can even spell a couple of words. He even points out his name any time he sees it. But, he isn't great with numbers just yet. He can count to 14 but doesn't know the numbers by sight. So, we worked on that while waiting for Dr. Russ.

He got bored with numbers after a little while so we moved on to money. Jonah LOVES money. He has no fear of asking people for money either. Dan is going to put him on fundraising committee for this new building project at church. He consistently comes home from church with money in his pockets. He calls all bills "George Money." (George as in Washington!)
He was very happy to see his friend Docka Russ. He gave her a big hug then climbed right up on the table next to her and let her check him out. She was pretty impressed with his vocabulary and how plain he speaks. He did a few typical Jonah things that made her laugh.

Weight: 31.5 pounds and in the 75th percentile.
Height: 35 inches (which if the 2 year height prediction rule comes true then Jonah will be about 5'9 as a full grown adult) and in the 50th percentile. She said he has always been right at the 75th percentile for height but she thinks he is at the beginning of a growth spurt and he will be back in the 75th percentile within a couple of months.
We don't have to schedule another appointment with her until his 3 year birthday. That is so odd to me! We saw her every 2 months the first year of his life then about 3 times the 2nd year. Now, we have a whole year before going back. He really is growing up.
I am SO, SO, SO grateful for our pediatrician. She is incredible!!! Dan and I have both commented that she has an unbelievable gift of making every parent feel like they have the smartest, most talented, most precious child ever placed on this planet! I can't say enough good things about the care Jonah has received from her. She has become such a dear friend to me and I'm so blessed that she is Jonah's doctor and my friend! (By the way, I'm not kissing up...she doesn't read the blog!)

Looking back...

The date was October 11, 2007. Apparently this was the last time I sent my old camera to school with Jonah. I found it in his other backpack and it still had these pictures on the memory card. My little boy was still such a baby then. How time flies...

There was a video on the card that went along with these bathtub pictures. I won't post it because it was actually a very boring video. But, I did notice in that short 1 minute and 23 seconds that Jonah never uttered a word. He just smiled and attempted some baby talk but no actual words or sentences. I know he was talking then but his vocabulary was very small. Now, we can't get him to hush. Just this morning he told me "" as he hand me my shoes. He even picked out the ones that matched my outfit for the day.

Every day I am amazed that this little boy is on loan to me from God. I don't take lightly the responsibility He has given me. I count it a privilege to be called his mommy. Even though some days seem to drag on forever, I look back at pictures like this and am reminded that it all goes to fast and to enjoy every moment. It rings true again...the days are long but the years are SO short!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Daddy works with who?

A few minutes ago, Jonah heard a car door and assumed it was his daddy. I looked out the window to discover it was not Dan. So, I put Jonah in my lap and started talking to him about different things. We went through all of the couples we know and I could say one of the names and he could tell me who went with that person. (I was impressed with that!) Then he asked where daddy was. I was trying to pass the time because Jonah was exhausted and ready for bed but I was trying my best to keep him awake because he had not seen Dan all day. So, I moved from relationships to other questions. This is the conversation that took place.

Me: Where does Daddy work?
J: At Church
Me: Who does Daddy work with?
J: WOY! (He is convinced Roy McKinney works at the church because he is always there when we get out!)
Me: Who else does Daddy work with?
J: JESUS!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2nd Birthday Pictures at the Golf Course

Right after Jonah's birthday, we headed to Duncan Park to take our annual picture by the hole number of his birthday.  You can see the pictures from last year and read about the tradition by clicking here.  

After we finished the picture beside the #2 tee box, we got back in the golf cart then stopped at the Hole number 2 to let Jonah putt.  The kid loves the golf course.  I have a feeling he will spend many days on the course with his daddy over the years to come.  


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