Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waiting for Daddy (from Jonah)

Yeah, that is my foot!  No, I don't know why mom decided to take a picture of it.  I mean, I'm two years old now and have this same foot for all of that time.  I could understand it being blog worthy if I grew a new foot but this is still the same one.  Apparently, she thought it was worthy of being put on the blog because it was my first time to ever pedal.  Yeah, seriously...she needs to get a grip!  First time to pedal???  Ok...moving right along!
My friend Marlie gave me an awesome tricycle for my birthday.  I opened it at my party and got to sit on it for like 13 seconds and then was ripped away from it.  (Yes, I'm still a little bitter about that!)  Anyway, my parents didn't let me have all of my presents when I got them because they thought I would appreciate and enjoy them more getting them one at a time.  (How do I sign up for new parents?)

Since my birthday is in the dead middle of the summer, it has been too miserably hot to go outside much.  Last Friday was an unusually cool day (cool being 90 degrees) so mommy took me outside to ride my tricycle while we waited for daddy to get home from his first trip to school.  Please disregard my Superman PJ's.  I am well aware you wear PJ's inside.  My mommy is not!

On occasion, I decide to really cheese it up for my mom so she can capture the one picture she really wants.  I figure if she gets a great shot then she will put the camera away and we can just play.  I chose to do that for the next picture.  (Note:  the camera stayed out...BUMMER!)
Oh, here we go with the feet again.  Give me a break!  This time you get to see both of my feet.  Don't you feel better for having documentation of my feet on the pedals??
After riding for a while, I spotted the swing out of the corner of my eye.  I ran to it and asked my mom to put me in.  We swang for quite a while then noticed the watering can across the yard.  So, off I went!

I got back on my tricycle and started riding then out of nowhere, a blue car appeared in our drive way.  It was my daddy!!!  I was so excited...not excited enough to get off of my tricycle but excited nonetheless!
Finally, I bid farewell to my new tricycle and jumped in my daddy's arms.  I missed him so much.  I was so happy to see him and didn't let him out of my sight that entire night.  

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A VERY FULL Pullup! (with a video)

A certain little boy in our house refused to use the potty after dinner. We sat and sat and sat and...well, you get the point. Finally, we figured he didn't need to go so we pulled up the pull-up then headed to the living room to play. Not long into playing, he looked at us and said "uh-oh!" We looked down and his pull-up was SOAKED!!! The way he was walking was hysterical!!! So, I grabbed the camera. You have to see the video that was taken on the way to his room to take these pictures. You can check that out at the end of this post! HYSTERICAL!

Jonah and Marlie

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I picked Jonah up from daycare today and immediately noticed his clothes.  What he was wearing was not his.  As soon as I saw him, I realized I forgot to take extra clothes today.  He had a little accident at the potty and did not have back up pants.  Yeeks!  

Check out the pleats around the waist?  Oh dear!  If it were not for the helicopter, I would think these were definitely girl overalls.  Oh, be sure to notice the elastic waist in the back.  Auugh!!!

I will be sure to have PLENTY of backup clothes for him at school from this point forward.  

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A couple of stories (updated from earlier in the day

  • We were driving home from daycare today listening to Jonah's play list on my IPOD.  His play list has all of his fun music on it.  He has another play list of nothing but lullabies.  Those come in very handy when we need him to sleep in the car.  Anyway, Jack and Jill came on and he said  "Just Listen, sing!"  

How sad!  My child now realizes his mommy can not sing!  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

  • We were looking a books together this afternoon and he spotted a garbage truck on the page.  He said, "Mommy, look at the trash can truck!"

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Even Batman has a hard time sometimes...

Dan called me to the back tonight and as I was walking down the hall, he told me I might want to have my camera. I walked in to Jonah's room to discover him dressing himself but both legs were through one leg hole. He tugged and tugged and for the life of him could not figure out why the shorts would not come up.
So, after taking this picture, I switched to video. The video is a couple of minutes long but you have to watch it all the way to the end just to hear what he said...completely unprompted. Totally cracked us up!!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Video Chatting

Jonah loves his Magnadoodle.  He plays with it every day for at least a little bit of time.  It is a great thing to point out to him when we need to get something done.  It will certainly consume some of his time.  Thanks Uncle Scott, Aunt Emily and Hannah.  
The other night, Dan was at the church for a meeting and Jonah and I were at home.  I was online while he was playing with his Magnadoodle.  Sue called and he talked to her on the phone for a little while then he decided to play his guitar.  While he was playing with is guitar, Josh Wilson invited me to a video chat.  I accepted then put the computer in front of Jonah.  That was the first time he had seen us chat with anyone using the webcam.  He was ENTRANCED!  He could not figure out how Josh got inside my computer!

Josh even played a song for him.  (Puff the Magic Dragon) while Manna sang it.  I do have that on video for all you to see but I'm having a problem uploading videos.  It is me!  It was so sweet to watch Jonah play as Josh was playing.  

Tommy was over at Josh and Amanda's house so he joined in on the video chat.  Jonah was so mesmerized by the whole experience.  We are loving the webcam, video chat and SKYPE!  If you have a SKYPE account, be sure to add us so we can video chat with you.  We are pretty boring people but Jonah will certainly entertain you.  We have two accounts...

theglenns556        is my computer

dglenn556             is Dan's computer  

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Our Saturday

Saturday morning, my mom called to see if we wanted to drive to Brookhaven to meet her for lunch at The Cracker Barrel.  That is almost a halfway point between our two houses.  I had somethings I needed to do that day but put that off so we could go meet her.  I want Jonah to grow up knowing his grandparents and appreciated the effort on her part to see him.  So, we loaded up and headed to Brookhaven.  Dan was swamped with church stuff because he had been at NOBTS for his first D.Min class.  

Jonah was pretty hungry when we arrived so I figured he would eat pretty well.  Unfortunately, the large amount he ate was not food but large quantities of butter and jelly!  Yeah, butter and jelly!  He used a spoon to eat all the butter and then licked the jelly right out of the pack.   I ordered him a kids meal but by the time it came, he wasn't hungry.  He was full of butter and jelly!!!  Hey, who am I to say he is a picky eater?  ;-)

After a while at the table, I whisked Jonah away to the bathroom so he could use the potty.  Let me begin this by saying those of you with little girls are SO lucky when it comes to potty training.  Pretty much you just take them and let them sit.  Well, a little boy's anatomy isn't the same (obviously) and you have to make some adjustments when you take him to a public potty.  (I am seriously considering carrying a potty seat every where I go!!)  Well, I sat him on the potty and as I reached over to get some tissue to point "things" downward, he began to tee-tee.  Unfortunately, the stream went straight and sprayed both of my legs.  Yes, he peed all over me!!!  Nothing like walking out of the bathroom with your son's urine all over your legs.  Maybe I should start taking extra clothes FOR ME every where we go!!!
While we were at Cracker Barrel, my mom bought Jonah a MSU jersey/pants set.  I was so excited because Dan has wanted a state jersey for him since he was born.  We found some early on but a 2T was WAAAAY too big for our baby.  Now, our baby is a 2T.  Wow, where has the time gone?

When we got home, we went to Jonah's room and put new State clothes on so he could go find Dan to surprise him.  He was very happy to show Dan his new "bulldogs pants!"  Why he thinks the whole set is called pants, I'm not sure!  Even after we removed the pants he still called the shirt "bulldogs pants."

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