Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friends from Liberty & Batman

We had a great surprise Thursday night. Our friends from Liberty came in town and surprised us. We haven't seen them since Jonah was just a couple of weeks old. They were Dan's surrogate family when he was on staff at Liberty Baptist Church. We've tried to connect with them a few times over the past year but something always comes up. So, it was a very nice surprise to see them and visit for a while. They brought Jonah a couple of presents. He was so cute opening them.

One of his gifts was the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal. It is perfect for him right now because he is really focusing on learning the alphabet. He knows about 20 of the 26 by sight. If you point to it, he can tell you what it is. He knows the song up to the letter G. I'm excited about him playing with this because it can only help him.

He went to bed while the Johnson's were here so he never opened his other present from them. Friday morning when he got up, we put on his Batman PJ's (cape and all!) and let him play in the living room for a while before our next company arrived.

We got his other gift from the Johnson's and let him open it. He was really thrilled with the idea of opening gifts. It just took FOREVER!! You know he doesn't do well with messes so the wrapping paper just threw him for a loop! He kept wanting to go throw it in the "tash!"
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Miss-Lou Community Choir

Jonah, Sue and I headed over to the Natchez City Auditorium last Thursday to hear the Miss-Lou Community choir. Normally, we would have gone with Dan but he drove the bus from our church over there. So, it was up to us to go on our own. Sue was more than happy to go with us and help me get Jonah from the car to the building. (Parking is awful there so we were prepared to walk a long way!)

Once we got there, we were happy to discover Dan was driving around picking people up at their cars and delivering them to the front door. He's so nice and thoughtful like that! (Just one of the many reasons I love him!) Jonah was thrilled to see his daddy but even more thrilled to discover his daddy driving a bus! He loves trucks and buses! He enjoyed the short 3 minute ride to the front door way more than the actual event! Children are so easy to impress sometimes!

We got there and I was quickly reminded just how much I LOVE and appreciate the church nursery. He did not want to sit and listen to anything. He wanted to play with the balloons and go up and down the steps. Fortunately, the place wasn't full so we had about 10 empty rows behind us that he could play on.

Dan picked him up for the pledge and Star Spangled Banner. I told him to put his hand on his heart like daddy and he clasped them to pray instead. He kept them like that for the song and the pledge.

It was a long night trying to entertain him but I'm glad he got to go with us. I think things like this just help prepare him for opportunities to be a big boy!

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I hope this isn't a sign of things to come but my little boy LOVES makeup! He stands at my makeup drawer with me every day and opens and closes every little case. He hands me my "nipstick" when he thinks I am close to being ready for it. He wants so badly to wear "brush" but I draw the line at him wearing any of it. Playing with it is fine because I'm pretty sure he is just interested in how things work...not what is actually inside the cases. (At least I hope!)

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Same room...different layout

Jonah has done so well with his transition to the toddler bed. I thought we would have to phase things back into his room but that didn't happen. Tuesday night, Dan and Josh removed the crib (sniff, sniff) and Amanda and I rearranged Jonah's room. It still has the same bedding as his nursery but it seems much more grown up to me now.

Check out this precious little bed!!! It makes my heart melt every time I see him in it. It seems like just this morning I was putting him in his crib for the first time. Now the crib is gone and this bed sits in the same room. The saying is SO true...The days are long but the years are short!

We pulled out his last birthday present from last year this week. No, we didn't forget it and no, we didn't have so many toys that we stretched it out over a year. This play mat was a gift from Brian, Trudie and Caroline. It said that it was for 3 years and up so I decided to hold on to it until he had room in his bedroom to leave it out. He loves it. He runs his little train all over the tracks
He has become quite the fan of his play Elmo camera lately. My mom gave it to him when we went to Disney and he played with it then but kind of lost interest. Well, it has been rediscovered over the last week or so. He is obsessed with saying "Cheese" while pointing he camera in your direction. I find that very interesting because I never tell him to say cheese?

Doesn't he look so big laying on the bed like this? I think this is the first time he has played in his bed propped up like that.

My little photographer stopped snapping pictures long enough to smile for his mommy. Isn't this a cute little fella?

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The fish

The Welch family is on vacation so we are fish sitting. Jonah has always loved their kitchen aquarium so it is temporarily in his room. He goes to look at it every chance he gets. He has to stand a little ways back from the tank so he can see the fish swimming around. He stands there mesmerized. It is so sweet to watch.

Introducing...STRIKER! There is a black sucker fish too but I forgot to take his picture.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ice Cream down the street

Sunday night, we were invited down to the Welch's house for ice cream. Since Tim (a.k.a. Memaw) is a farmer, I made sure Jonah wore his new John Deere Little Farmer shirt. Tim loved it. He can't wait for the day that Jonah comes to the farm. We have scheduled that a couple of times and something always seems to come up. We have to go soon!

Jonah made his rounds to almost every person that was there that night. He spent some time with Mammy and I attempted to get a good picture of them. Unfortunately, the best one is blurry.

Cindy (NeNe) kept him supplied with ice. This s the face she got every time he ran out of ice. She was quick to jump right up and get him more.

Joshua tried to talk to him but at that point, all he cared about was more ice. When he has his mind set on something, nothing else will do!

He took Tommy out to the trailer to show him the dirt. He was very interested in it. I'm beginning to think the dirt party would have worked after all? Oh well...that can be next year's party.

He made sure NeNe got lots of hugs and kisses. He's pretty fond of her! I think he knew she was going to Nashville to see her grand daughter this weekend and wanted to make sure she didn't forget him.
Hmmm....what's wrong with the following picture. If I had known Jonah would pull people in the wagon, I would have ridden down with him pulling instead of us doing it.
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