Friday, June 20, 2008


Our back yard is in the midst of a major overhaul! We have removed the chain link fence, doubled the size of the back yard, added one section of a white fence and have taken down two trees. We have been waiting on the stump grinders to come so we could have that behind us and then start on the dirt work. When we walked out the door Thursday morning, the stump grinders were there and in full work mode! Jonah was SO impressed!

He couldn't decide which truck he was more impressed with so he kept pointing at both of them. One was the truck with the stump grinder and the other was the City of Vidalia truck that was there to tell them where the gas lines were.
It took quite a while but I finally convinced him to leave for school. I love the new van because he can march right over and crawl in on his own.

Thursday afternoon, I picked him up and headed for the pool. This is the only picture I took because it was just me with him for most of the time and trust can't take your eyes off of him in the pool these days!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Car Shopping

I have been searching for a new car for almost a year. I love my car and especially love not having a car payment. BUT, my poor little boy BURNS up during the summer because the 2002 Highlanders did not have rear air. So, I have done tons of research and finally settled on a new car. In case you haven't heard, I got a VAN! Yep, I'm the proud new owner of a white Honda Odyssey. While Jonah does like our new family mobile, he was especially fond of this car...

I think if the final decision was his, we would have driven away in that sporty red car. Well, not all of us, because it only had two seats. He quickly made friends with the people in the dealership. One salesmen asked if he could have a balloon. I told him yes and he went to the back to get it. He brought it out and gave it to Jonah. Jonah looked at him and said "Thank you!" The man was so impressed with how polite Jonah was. He kept asking us how old he was because he had never seen a toddler so polite. YAY!!!!

We had done all of the legwork for this vehicle before ever getting to Brookhaven but buying a car still takes a while. Jonah was SUCH a trooper. He didn't touch anything he shouldn't and always obeyed us when we asked him to do something. We were there over 2 hours so that was a HUGE deal!!! The guy in the F&I office gave let him play with his golf balls and clubs. Jonah took one look at them and said "Ciff!" Cliff Merritt always has golf balls and a club or two out so Jonah assumed those were his.

We were so proud of the way he behaved and listened to instructions. Every person we dealt with commented on how well behaved and mature he seemed. (Lucky for us, they didn't see the meltdown that occurred at Cracker Barrel after we left the Honda dealership!)

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Dancing to the tune of VBS!

A couple of weeks ago, Jonah went into the Sanctuary to see Dan on Wednesday night before heading to the nursery. He was very impressed with the VBS decorations in the Sanctuary. He was so happy, he did a little jig! You can tell he is dancing in these pictures but the video at the end really proves it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At the pool

It is little boy is a FISH! The kid adores water. We got to the pool Monday afternoon and I was looking in my bag for the sunscreen while Jonah headed straight for the pool and got in. SCARED ME TO DEATH! I am very cautious of him around any kind of water. It taught me very quick that I always need an extra set of eyes with me. Fortunately, Dan came after work so that made it a little less stressful for me!

After we played for a while, Jonah got out and walked around the side of the pool to where the rafts were. We assumed he was walking to get a raft but instead he stepped right over the raft and walked right to the diving board. That little daredevil marched himself right up there and walked right off the end!! He did this time and time again!!! After you see all the pictures, watch the video at the end. I was glad to have my camera with me to capture the first time off the diving board on both still shots and video!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A night in the life of....SUPERMAN????

So, is anyone out there in blogworld a fan of the ever popular UNDEROOS??? Even better, if you are/were leave me a comment telling me which ones you had. I had Wonder Woman and truly believed I possessed all of her powers while wearing my Wonder Woman Underoos! Dan, on the other hand had Superman Underoos! As soon as he found out we were having a boy, he started telling me all about his Superman obsession as a child. He really wanted to find Underoos for Jonah. Well, as best I can tell, they no longer exist. But, I did find this really cute pair of Superman PJ's last weekend and could not pass them up. It even has a cape.

I put the PJ's on him after his bath and sent him in search of his daddy. Dan was so thrilled to see his little boy in Superman PJ's.

We tried to teach him to put his arms out and fly. That wasn't so successful. The only way to get him to do it was to reach for someone else.

Check out the cape. How cool is that? It must be an official Superman outfit.

Superman had to take a quick break to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and drink a cup of milk.

I'm glad to know that Superman has enough love in his heart for a little yappy dog! These two boys are the best of friends. Jonah really loves Max and Max watches out for him.

Superman decided to remove his cape after awhile.

He decided to share it with Max. I guess he thought Max needed his super powers for a little while.

Jonah began to care less about his superpowers when he discovered that he could see himself inside my camera. So, we laid on the bed on and took our picture in the mirror on my closet door.

Max laid on the bed and watched all of the events of the evening unfold. He prefers to watch Jonah rather than always be involved.

The night ended with a tickle session courtesy of daddy. The pictures are a little blurry but that is because of all the movement. A toddler being tickled does not stay still.

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