Saturday, June 14, 2008

A peek into my nighttime routine

I have a pretty specific nighttime routine. It seems the same thing happens without fail EVERY night so I thought I'd share it with you. The only thing that differs from night to night is which parent is the one to do the routine with me. This night it was mommy who put me down.

The first thing I do is give kisses and hugs to whoever isn't going to the back with me. I try to make this last as long as possible as to avoid the inevitable. I figure the longer I hug, kiss, rub and pat my mom or dad then the longer it is until I have to go to bed. It always works because they are all about me snuggling with them.

Just so you know, I had my bath earlier in the night and we didn't take pictures of that. I figure you have seen enough of my bath pictures anyway!

After loving on my mom or dad, I head to the bathroom to potty. I really wish there would not have been pictures to document this portion of my routine, but you know my mom!!!

One thing I do every time I potty is make sure my parents know where the wall is. I ALWAYS point to it and say "Wall!" I hope they learn that soon because I'm getting kind of tired of pointing it out to them.
After doing my business, I run directly across the hall to my room. They usually say "Run, run, run" or "Hurry, hurry, hurry." I'm pretty sure that is to avoid any accidents on the way in there. Ummm....I'm almost 2, I'm pretty sure I can hold it for 15 feet. ESPECIALLY since I just left the potty. Maybe one day they will let me take those 15 feet at a slower pace.
Sometimes I stop and look at a toy or something on the carpet. This too makes my mommy nervous.

After I get lotioned, diapered an changed into my sleep clothes, it is time to head over to brush my teeth. I crawl up on my stool so I can see myself in the mirror.
I try to reach my toothbrush myself but sometimes it is just too far back for me. Once I get my toothbrush, I wet it then wait for them to put toothpaste on for me.

I'm actually very good about getting all of my teeth clean. I even brush my molars without any fuss. My dad is teaching me how to spit but I must not be very good at it because they always laugh when I do it.

After I finish brushing everything myself, mommy does a once-over with the Oral B electric toothbrush. She's really hoping I can make it through life with no cavities.

After I finish with my teeth, I wash my hands and head back across the hall for my bedtime story and prayers. I always read one story out of my devotional Bible and then one other book.
As soon as the book closes, I know it is time to pray so I clasp my hands together and close my eyes. Mommy and Daddy pray but I always say "Amane!"

I am always in their lap for this but on this night, I was sitting in the chair by myself so mommy could take pictures. After she took the last picture, I scooted over and told her to "seat down." I like to be as close to them as possible before bedtime.
After I finish prayers, I usually say "Wock." That means rock for those of you who don't speak my language. After we rock for just a few minutes then I get down and walk to my bed. By that time, I am READY for sleep. Check out the progression below of me trying to get in the crib.

Once I'm in the bed, they hand me all of my friends, turn on my lullaby CD, cover me with a blanket and then say night-night.

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So, when you looked at these pictures, I'm sure you guessed this was a typical bath! NOT SO! These pictures were taken one night last week at 1:48 a.m. Yep...this little cute woke up screaming. I walked into his room to find him standing at the end of his crib. As soon as I opened the door, the screaming stopped and he said "Mommy...mademess, Look!" Yep, he had indeed made a mess. He threw up everywhere. It was so gross but so funny to hear him tell me about it and then point out the mess at the other end of the crib. (as if I couldn't see it myself!) It was one of those times I wanted to just stay up with him because he was being so sweet. Look at that last picture if you don't believe me!

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A typical Wednesday night

I always try to get Jonah to church about 45 minutes before it starts on Wednesday night so he can see his daddy. Wednesdays are always long days for anyone involved in Ministry. Because of this, Dan doesn't come home on Wednesday until after church. This makes for a long day without daddy so we make a special effort to get there early for a little visit.

When we started this, Jonah was most excited about seeing his daddy. Now, he is most excited about the wireless microphones. He runs straight to those and grabs one.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Robbie & Sarah's Wedding Reception

On Saturday, May 31st, my daddy married Sarah Dewitt & Robbie Gore. The wedding was at our church but the reception was at the Natchez Convention Center. I tried my best to get those doors open but they were SO heavy!!!

I finally decided to just take a break and sit on the bench for a while. My mom tried her best to make me smile but I wanted no part of that.

She finally gave on on getting a good picture and we just headed inside. I was glad because it was much cooler inside than outside.
It took my dad forever to get there because he was helping get the sanctuary back in order for the Sunday morning service. When he finally arrived, I ran to him because I was so happy to see him. Well, happy to see him or maybe just happy because he had a big flower on and I wanted to play with it.

The reception had a band and a dance floor so I went out to do a little jig with Aunt B.

Most people assumed I would be a little timid and rush back to my seat but I didn't. When Aunt B sat down, I marched my little self right out to the middle of the dance floor and danced all by myself. I'm pretty sure I was entertaining because everyone was pointing and smiling.

I was dancing away until I saw the wedding photographer snapping pictures of me. So, I just walked right over to her and smiled. It's not like I don't know what to do when I see a camera!

The dancing didn't intimidate me but the bride sure did. Sarah came over and I stepped right in to zombie mode. I wouldn't look at her and if I did, I looked away very fast.

Daddy rescued me and I was back to my chipper self. (And still very intrigued with the flower!)


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