Saturday, June 7, 2008

A few funnies...

Jonah is getting to the age where things happen around our house that are just so funny to us. Up until now, most of our blogs have consisted of lots of pictures and a few illustrations of the pictures. Well, in following the tradition of my friend Karin, I'm going to start sharing a few of the of the stories with NO PICTURES...gasp!!!!!!

Speaking of my friend Karin, PLEASE pray for them. They are currently on a 31 hour trip to Vietnam to adopt their two babies, Kien & Aria. They adopted their 4 year old son, Kevin from Russia when he was around 14 months old. He is on this trip with them. We are all praying for safe travels for them but especially for a miracle with Aria's adoption. It is very detailed and you don't have to know all the details to pray for them, so just stop for a moment and ask God to work a miracle in Aria's case. Did you do it? Thanks! :-) You can follow their public blog on their travel blog by clicking here. They have 2 other blogs that are private but this one is public so other people can share in their journey. Oh, you can also thank Karin for introducing me to the world of blogging. Without her, there would be no Allaboutjonah or Theglenngang!

Now, on to a few Jonah stories.

  • Today I was feeding Jonah lunch and I gave him some English peas. He filled a spoon full and shoved them in his mouth. He chewed just once then said "YUCK!" How on earth did he learn the word YUCK????
  • At about 1:30 this morning, he woke up crying. It wasn't his usual cry so I got up and walked in his room. He was standing in his crib and when I opened the door he said "Onah mademess!" (Yes, made a mess is all on word!) He threw up so obviously he did make a huge mess. I put him in the tub and kept saying "Sorrrry...mademess!" How sweet!
  • A week ago, Jonah was hoem with Dan on Friday. Jonah heard Randy outside mowing the yard so he ran to the window. He watched Randy mow and kept saying "MORE" for mower. When Randy used the weedeater, he asked Dan "whatthat?" Dan told him it was a weedeater. He immediately said "Oh, weweewere!" So, we make him keep saying it because it is so funny to here. Repeat after me, WE-WEE-WERE!

Ok, there are more but I have to leave for a wedding shower. Between wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, weddings, baby showers and anniversary celebrations, we don't have much time for anything else these days.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Disney...DAY 3 (Only a 3 weeks late!!)

I just realized I never blogged about Jonah's last day at Disney. Wow...what has gotten in to me? My friend Jami sent me a comment to day that said it is pretty obvious I have an almost 2 year old due to my lack of blogging. She could not be more correct!!! His level of activity sure has taken a toll on my computer time. That is okay though, because he is more fun than any computer!!!

We scheduled our trip to Disney only 3 weeks in advance so I did not have much time for planning. The one thing I did want was one of Jerica's custom disney outfits. I emailed at asked if she could get one done and to me within that short time period and she got right on it. I was so excited about seeing him in this outfit with his Mickey ears and Disney crocs. By the way, if you are interested in custom sewn clothes, you have to check her out. I found her when I was searching for monogrammed Jon-Jon's for Jonah and have fallen in love with her work. Look at her website and order something. You won't be disappointed. Tell her I sent you over. And, you can also find Jonah (several times) on the Customer Cuties page.

Anyway...back to Disney. He was not too keen on wearing the mouse ears so I never got the perfect picture I was hoping for.

We were able to get into Magic Kingdom an hour before the park opened due to breakfast reservations at The Crystal Palace. We ate there last time and weren't necessarily set on having to eat there again but I received a great tip about having breakfast there so you can enter the park early. Being in the park early allows you to get some great pictures on Main Street before it gets crowded. We stopped first to see Goofy. Jonah would have stayed there as long as we let him.
We then headed to Main Street for that perfect Kodak moment. I had Jonah decked out in his Disney outfit with the castle in plain view. There were less than 30 people on all of Main Street. I only lacked on thing...a cooperative 21 month old!
He was much more interested in the many trash cans than he was in taking any picture. Uugghhh...I was getting so frustrated then decided to just toss my idea of the perfect image and follow him around. We played with every trash can on Main Street.
After we played for a while, it was time to head to The Crystal Place for our breakfast buffet. Although we had lunch there last year, it was a good decision to go again based on Jonah's love of Pooh and Tigger.
We were a little early for our reservation so we sat in some chairs around the corner for a little bit. Jonah was very happy to have "Gickey" (Mickey) and love on him for a little bit.

We sat there for a while until he spotted one of the gift shops open. He ran right in and found several friends.

We finally made it to The Crystal Palace for our reservation. Jonah was so surprised to look through the window and see Piglet at one of the tables. I don't think he realized we were heading in there.
We had a yummy breakfast and my little boy thoroughly enjoyed the characters that visited the table. He has such a love for Pooh and Tigger. It is so sweet.

We left breakfast and headed straight for The Judges Tent to meet Mickey and Minnie. The line was so long last year that we didn't even attempt it. This year, that was not an option. The child is obsessed with "Gickey & Mindy" that we had to brave the line. This was a decision he was not greatly fond of.

But, it was all worth it when he RAN into Mickey's arms. It was PRECIOUS! It is definitely one of those memories I will ALWAYS cherish. I have heard people say time and time again that you should never take a child to Disney before age 5 because they will not remember it. Well, I'm here to say that I totally disagree!!! They may not remember it but we sure will. The memories of seeing my little boy be amazed by so many things cannot be replaced.

We skipped most of the 3d shows because we didn't figure Jonah would wear the glasses. We were wrong. He put them on and sat through the show like a champ!
He loved the rides...especially the ones where he could sit by himself. He watched everything with wide eyes.
If you have been to Disney, then you know that most every ride and every show lets out in a gift shop. Obviously, that is no accident on their part. When we got off the Pooh ride, we found ourselves in the Pooh gift shop. Jonah couldn't pick up things fast enough. Fortunately for him, his MiMi was there and he left with a tshirt and a Pooh fork and spoon.
We saw Stitch on the way over to Tomorrow Land. Stitch was actually the first character Jonah saw last year at Disney. To this day, we have never seen a show or movie with Stitch in it but Jonah loves him anyway.

While he was hugging Stitch, he noticed Buzz Lightyear over Stitch's shoulder. He pushed Stitch to the side and took off running towards Buzz yelling "Buss, Buss, Buss!" It was hysterical!!! Poor Stitch...he just stood there with his arms out as to say "Hey...what about me???"
We moved right into the line to see Buzz and that made Jonah's day. We only introduced him to Toy Story when we discovered the trip to Disney was in 2 weeks. He immediately became a fan of "Buss!"

How sweet is this? He turned to leave then turned back to Buzz to tell him bye!
After a fun day at the Magic Kingdom, this little mousketeer was tuckered out.
He woke up just in time to hit The Emporium for some shopping with mommy and MiMi. He grabbed these little toy things and wanted all of them...literally. We ended up leaving with the basic Disney characters although I think he would have loved them all. He is so aware of each character and came name most of them. It is funny to see. You would think all we do is watch movies but that is so far from the truth. I think it just registered with him when we showed him the DVD covers and pointed out all of the characters.
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Monday, June 2, 2008

The first swim of 08

I picked Jonah up from school Thursday and asked him if he wanted to go swimming. He said no. I don't guess he remembers what swimming is from last year. I took him inside and changed his clothes and he had a meltdown. He did not want to take his shoes off. (He equates shoes coming off with the end of the possibility of going outside to play!!!) We loaded up the upset boy and headed over to the Verdel's house to swim. Here are my two boys with Mr. Art. He keeps the pool in great shape just for people like us. They get in some but are so very nice to share with us. They are nice in many more ways than just the pool but we always appreciate the pool.
Dan lathered him up with sunscreen. Jonah was a little frustrated with that whole process but seemed to warm up to it when I told him it was lotion. He loves lotion!!! (He gets that from me!)
We let him step down into the water and he was very cautious. He didn't want to go too far or get very wet.

Dan got in front of him and out of nowhere, he basically just jumped to him. He never looked back after that.

We let him try everything from sliding to the floats to jumping in to be tossed from person to person. He giggled the whole time.

I know that many kids have a fear of getting their face wet. I told him to put his face in the water thinking he might say no. Instead, he lowered his head right into the water. WE REALLY NEED SWIM LESSONS!!!

Dan found this flotation swim suit for him at Walmart so we decided to try it. It was way too big for him. He wasn't very fond of it either.

Amanda came a little while after we did so she took a family picture for us. I don't think we will be framing this one. Jonah just wanted to play!!!
He thought is was GREAT fun to throw his sunglasses in the water to me, daddy and Manna.

Dan got the bright idea to try to fit inside one of the toddler tubes. Yeah, I have it on video...yeah, I will be posting it!!
Jonah thought it was pretty funny to see his daddy wedged into that thing. Actually, we all thought it was pretty funny.

Jonah absolutely loves Josh and Manna. He was more than happy to give some love to Manna at the pool. He knows Manna has a baby in her tummy but I don't' think he quite grasps how that is going to affect his little world. He really does think he is the only child that ever existed they are around!

Amanda couldn't be outdone by Dan in the tube so she got in. (And, she got out a lot easier too!)
This is the face of a very happy boy after a couple of hours in the pool. I'm so glad we have friends who let us invade their homes during the summer so Jonah can swim. His giggles are proof of what a great time he has!!!


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