Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Jonah is watching his Pooh & Tigger movie that his cousin Gavin gave him for Christmas. Everytime he sees Pooh on the screen, he says "There Poot!" HA! Pooh is Poot! It is pretty funny to hear!

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VERY unhappy boy!

I get asked at least one of the following questions on a weekly basis but many times daily basis:

1. Is Jonah always happy?
2. Does Jonah always smile?
3. Is he ever in a bad mood?
4. Does he ever cry?

While Jonah is an exceptionally happy child, he does have his moments. Usually, his daddy and I are the only ones to experience these moments so no one ever believes us when we tell them about it. I just so happened to have my camera on the kitchen table today during lunch time.

As many of you know, Jonah is a picky eater. You can't put a plate with different foods in front of him. You have to feed him all he wants of one item before moving on to the next. Today, we were going to begin lunch with yogurt. Unfortunately, all he wanted was to watch a "vooovie." (That's movie for those of you who don't speak his language!)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Wet time, dry time, sleepy time!

It was a beautiful day outside yesterday but my mommy was still feeling a little bad. I really wanted to go outside but I settled for playing inside with a ball and a spatula. (Yes, I am easily amused!) I wanted to watch a movie (or VOVIE as I call it) so mommy and I got on the floor and started the DVD player. We heard a knock at the door and found BEPPA standing there. She told mommy that she came to get me to play at her house for a little while. I was so happy. I got my diaper and clothes changed then headed outside to my wagon. I played down there until time for dinner.

After dinner, I was covered in lasagna so I headed straight to the tub. Mommy gave me bubbles and toys and I was in HEAVEN! I could have played for hours in that water.

After she got me out, I got all wrapped up in my frog towel. I think I'm really cute when I have that wrapped around me because I always say "Awwweeee!"

Mommy put me on the changing table and started to dry me off and lotion me up. That is when I discovered my pillow. My Granny Bee gave me this pillow for my birthday and I always lay my head on it while I am on the changing table. Well, tonight, I picked it up and looked at it and realized it had my name on it. I kept pointing to my name saying "Whasdat?" Mommy told me it said "Jonah" so then I said "Nonah, Nonah, Nonah" over and over and over!
After getting dried off and ready for bed, we headed to the kitchen for a SNACK! That is my favorite time of the day. I love snack time! Normally, I eat my snack in the kitchen then drink my milk in the beanbag. After that, I brush my teeth, read a story, say my prayers and then go to sleep.
But, tonight, I played on the couch in the living room for a little while. I laid on the pillows that Max isn't allowed to touch. I also laid under the blanket that Max isn't allowed to lay on. It KILLS HIM!!!

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Potty Time

Seriously, mom! I'm trying to do a little business and I'm a little vulnerable. Can we get the camera out of here?

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I woke up Sunday morning feeling SO much better. Mommy still wasn't at 100 percent but since she teaches Sunday School, there wasn't much choice about staying home. So, we all loaded up and headed out the door at 8:30 for Prayer time in the Sanctuary. I decided to grab Brown Bear and take him with me. Mommy usually doesn't let Brown Bear leave the house because I might lose him. We have more than one copy now but I am attached to all of them and it would be BAD to lose one of them.

She finally decided to let me take Brown Bear so I would have something to look at while waiting for Sunday School. She was going to take a picture of me and my favorite book but then I decided I wanted to hold the camera. She did not let me do that! Man...she ruins all the fun!
When we got to church, Mr. Roy (WOY) was there waiting on us. He is always glad to see me. He usually meets me at my car because he can't wait for me to get all the way to where he is.
We headed to the sanctuary for Power Praying and I immediately started gathering hymnals for everyone. I was unaware that we don't actually use hymnals for Prayer time. Hey...I was just trying to be helpful!

Mom tried to take a few pictures of me when we got home from church but as you can see, I don't stay still long enough these days for the shutter to click fast enough.

We headed back to church Sunday night for an important business meeting regarding a Sanctuary Renovation Project. We don't usually have church on Sunday nights so this was a little out of my routine. That was fine by me because my teachers from Jefferson Street were there to keep me. I LOVE Mrs. Audley and Mrs. Shannon so it was fun to see them at my church.

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Wedding Time

Saturday was Eric & Kimberly's big day! I wasn't sure if I was going to get to go to the wedding because me and mommy were both sick. But, as Saturday went on, we both felt a little better and I had quit running fever. So, we got all dressed up and ready for the wedding.

Mommy loaded my diaper bag with cough drops so she wouldn't be hacking the whole time. She left the bag on the table and I found them. I almost had one unwrapped and in my mouth before she found me. close!

Since my daddy was the one marrying Eric and Kimberly, it was up to my mom to keep me entertained during the wedding. She filled my diaper bag with books, juice and snacks and out the door we went!

We sat on the very back row next to the sound booth so we could make an easy exit if needed. Josh and Manna sat by us. (I think they regretted that decision as the time passed!) I spent the first ten minutes picking up every hymnal and Bible I could find and then promptly taking them to Josh or Manna.

I realized something was going on up front so I turned around to watch. It was then that I realized that MY DADDY was up there. I started calling out to him, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" Apparently that was not an appropriate thing for me to do because I got scooped up and taken out of there.
Mom let me walk all the way around the outside of the building to the MPB where the reception was being held. We were one of the first people in there since the wedding was still going on. I thought that was great because that meant I could be first in line...WRONG! I had to wait for everyone else to even get a bite of anything. I'm pretty sure if Uncle Marty or Aunt Debra (parents of the bride) had known I wanted something then I could have eaten right then. Too bad they were sitting on the front row watching their daughter get married!
As soon as the wedding ended, the hostesses all headed over to get the food ready. Zoo-Zoo was there to help so she rescued me from my hunger. She took me straight to the fruit table and let me get my fill of grapes.
My daddy had to stay over there for a long time because they were taking pictures. My mommy wasn't feeling very good at this point so she just basically found a chair and sat still. Thankfully, Joshua had a whole plate of goodies that he shared with me.
As you can see, he is quite pleased with the chicken wing he had. Well, I guess it was the chicken wing that made him could have been me?
When Eric and Kimberly came in, I just happened to be standing close to the doorway. I had my back to them and didn't realize they walked in. Everyone started clapping for them but I thought they were clapping for me. I just stood there and smiled and waved to all my adoring fans. Then, Josh Wilson came and picked me up and told me it WASN'T all about me! WHAT? Come to find out, all of those people were clapping for the newly married couple and not me! (Talk about embarrassing!!!) Josh laughed really hard at me...look at him!

All in all, it was a really fun night. I'm sorry I missed the wedding but someone should have let me go up there and stand with my daddy and I wouldn't have yelled his name so loud. There would probably be a lot more pictures but my mommy was really feeling bad and was not on her A game!

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Lazy Saturday

When I got up Saturday morning, I watched Little Einsteins on TV while mommy made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I was quite cozy in my little black chair. I even used one of mommy's blankets to cover up.

After breakfast, I decided to do a few pushups. I wore my sunglasses while working out just in case it got to bright in the room.
Mommy tried to take my picture but Max kept jumping in front of me. He is such a camera hog sometimes!

Daddy was working on his Itunes library when I discovered the little ear phones. Did you know music comes out of those??? I did a little bit of dancing once I discovered that.

I had a great morning with my mom and dad. Me and mommy were both feeling pretty yucky so we stayed around the house. We were supposed to be in Jackson for Gavin's birthday party but I had fever and mommy still hadn't recovered from being sick. Sometimes a lazy day is all you need to recover from feeling yucky. Although it was fun at home, I was ready to get out of the house. I had been at home since Tuesday because I was sick. That is a lot of time at home for a little one who is used to going somewhere EVERY day!

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