Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thurday night at the ball park

When Dan got home from work, we were all outside and noticed all of the activity at the ball fields. We decided to get Jonah dressed and head over. I had a really cute outfit for him to wear but then remembered just how dirty the ball fields are and scratched that idea. (I think Dan is appreciative anytime I go with casual versus cute!) We got ready to go (including sunglasses for Jonah) and then he got very upset because we weren't taking Elmo. That sadness went away as soon as the door opened and he realized we were going "OW-SITE!" (That is outside for those of you who don't speak his language!)

We opted not to take the stroller or wagon so he could run and play. (That might have been a mistake!!!)
We walked to the far end of the ball fields to the Tball field. We figured those kids would be the most entertaining. He stood at the fence and was pretty intrigued. It startled him anytime the crowd would yell and cheer.

We made our way around all the fields and saw lots of people. Jonah was most interested in the trash. He found his way to every garbage can and dumpster there. If he saw trash on the ground, he pointed to it and headed towards it. All the while, he was saying "Tash, Tash, Tash!" The kid would be a great "Don't litter" spokesperson. He hates to see trash laying on the ground. Finally, Dan just put him on his shoulders so we could walk without having to stop and pick up trash!!!
We stopped at one of the boys games and spent a little time there. Jonah was intrigued by the rocks and kept bringing them to me. He could not figure out why there were so many on the ground. Had we stayed long enough, he would have picked every single rock up.
He had no idea why people clapped and cheered but anytime they did., he did too. I think he thought everyone was clapping for him. He would turn towards the bleachers and just clap and smile.

I love the next picture. It really captures his questioning personality. I don't think he will ever take anything at face value. He is so inquisitive.
We got home and headed straight for the tub. He was one dirty little boy. After his bath, he had a snack but made the mistake of sharing the first bite with Max. After that, Max would not leave him alone!

You can see the look of unhappiness as Max tries to take his snack from him.

It is nice to live so close to the ball fields and to let him experience the fun nights over there. Maybe next time we can get him a garbage can so he can keep the parks clean while we watch the ball games.

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I was doing a sticker project with my mom tonight while I was snacking on some chicken. Then, Mr. Charles came to our house with some strawberries. Mom washed a few and gave them to me. I went crazy with those things. (and made a huge mess in the process!!! Mom says she sure is glad someone invented Spray and Wash!)

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Beanbag, PJ's and Elmo!

I have discovered a love for my bean bag. I sit in it every chance I get. I like to watch TV, have a snack and especially read in that thing. I'm not sure who had the idea to get this thing for me but I am so glad they did.

I had my bedtime snack with Elmo and Elmo. It was my first night in 24 month PJ's. My Sissy gave them to me for Christmas but they just now fit me. I am really growing these days. My dad said he bets I weigh at least 35 pounds.

Mom took this picture of me holding Elmo's hand. I was watching TV while drinking my milk and just held on to his hand. I do love him!
The next night we had dinner plans but I had time to play before we had to leave. I spent some time working on my stool with my name in puzzle pieces. That thing makes me MAD!!! I am so impatient when it comes to learning how to put those letters in just right.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I love this kid!

I sure love this little guy! He is so much fun!!! People have asked me what my favorite age is and I have to say that I have loved every stage of his life. I thought the newborn stage was absolutely incredible. I treasured every minute of those first six weeks. Sure, it was exhausting at times but I loved it! I could not believe he was here and he was ours!!!
Then, as he grew and started changing, I thought that was the greatest. Then came laughing, crawling and walking and that was over the top fun. But, now...aww man, I love this stage. 18 months seemed to be the turning point of when everything just came together. It was like everything we taught him just kind of clicked. Everyday is a new adventure.
I find myself even more grateful for this little guy than I have ever been. Who knew it was possible to love him more today than when he arrived? Sometimes at night, I walk into his room when he is sleeping and just put my hand on his back and say "Thank You" to God. I prayed for many years for this little boy and now want to spend my life thanking him for the precious gift of my little Jonahbug!

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